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Become an InterActive partner

InterActive is constantly searching for opportunities to create new partnerships within the academic, commercial and innovation sectors. These can be formed on various levels, ranging from student agent partnerships, all the way to full online training delivery for academic or professional institutions. Our open-minded approach to increasing the scope of InterActive's involvement, by spreading the reach of our e-learning solutions to other areas of training and education, means that all prospective partnerships will be welcomed and seriously considered.


InterActive's involvement within the global distance learning market creates multiple opportunities for agent partnerships from all over the world. Becoming a partner agent and promoting InterActive's online programmes has substantial benefits; you are dealing with UK degrees and qualifications that are tailored to suit a distance learning scheme, thus becoming available to a global market, as opposed to only regional areas. To find out more about opportunities for agent partnerships, please contact our sales advisors.

Institutional/ Academic

InterActive is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its already substantial online portfolio of programmes. By partnering with InterActive and becoming an online tuition provider, you are able to deliver your courses through a flexible online platform and rich media content, which will bring your learning programmes to the global education market. To find out more about becoming an academic partner and delivering courses via InterActive, please contact our Business Development unit.

i-hubs see more arrow

InterActive continually strives to develop and expand its global student community using our presence around the world. InterActive i-hubs are local learning spaces that provide an opportunity for online students to meet their learning colleagues, develop professional networks and share ideas that complement and enhance their online learning experience. Colleges, universities, companies, training providers, entrepreneurs and agents are all likely partners. To find out more about opening an InterActive i-hub, please contact our Business Development unit.

Online affiliates

As an established online learning provider, InterActive is continuously searching for channels to spread its presence on the web and is interested in partnering with websites, portals, blogs, news media and any other form of online channels willing to help spread the awareness of InterActive and its online programmes. If you wish to become an online affiliate of InterActive, please contact our marketing department.

Corporate partnerships see more arrow

If you wish to explore the opportunities for corporate partnerships or are interested in becoming a client of InterActive – you can find out more about our corporate training solutions by leaving an enquiry via our corporate enquiry form.

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