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Four golden rules for MBA career planning

There are a multitude of jobs for MBA graduates available in the employment market and following these four golden rules to help carve out the right career path for you.

AAT – The UK’s market leading vocational accounting qualification.

Whether you are considering entering the field of accountancy for the first time or you are a seasoned finance professional, there are few things better for enhancing your career in accounting and finance than an Association of Accounting Technicians qualification.

Is a BSc degree worth the investment?

Whatever the reason for wanting to study a bachelor degree online, there is usually one question at the forefront of an applicant’s mind; is the BSc degree worth the investment?

10 marketing careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Which marketing career path will you follow? Let’s have a look at ten marketing degree jobs that have come to prominence in the last ten years.

5 common mistakes made by business leaders

Leaders aren’t born, they are made; and one thing all great business leaders have in common is that they made mistakes on their journey to the top. Successful leaders are often lauded for making the right choices, but they achieve these feats by learning from previous wrong choices.

7 rewarding aspects of a career in HR

The list of departments within a company is potentially unlimited. However, there is one department that can put you at the centre of company activity. That department is HR, Human Resources.

4 famous intellectual property cases

When you create a billion dollar product and are ready to take it to market, you need to be prepared for the expensive intellectual property disputes that individuals, companies, and even macaque monkeys, can find themselves embroiled in!

7 Famous People with a Law Degree

An education in law may not immediately sound like the necessary foundation for a career in the spotlight. However, acquiring dynamic skills and knowledge in the fields of conflict resolution, intellectual property, entertainment law, and of course, tax law, can prove indispensable when the intensity of global fame is upon you.

What’s the difference between an LLB and an LLM?

If you’ve looked into studying law, you’ve probably discovered that the qualification process varies throughout the world. This is due to the jurisdiction in which you are looking to practice as well as each country’s validation requirements.

5 things you need to know about writing your cover letter

While a CV is often considered the key part of any job application, your cover letter is the first thing a potential employer sees, and in some respects, is even more important. A cover letter can make all the difference in landing your dream job, so it’s good to hit the ground running and make a strong impression from the outset.

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