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Online Learning: Quick tips to maximise your productivity

You may have mastered the art of studying online but there are plenty of ways to improve your productivity. Stay sharp and get the most out of each study session with these useful tips.

Social Media: The good, the bad and the ugly - part I

A clever online marketing strategy can boost a brand’s reputation overnight. Here, we explore ‘the good side’ of social media.

Join the IA 95% Student Satisfaction Campaign

Delivering online distance education programmes to students all around the world is our bread and butter. And we’re getting better all the time.

Science proves the existence of Father Christmas, and here’s how

If you look up at the sky this Christmas Eve and don’t see Father Christmas and his reindeer, it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t there.

5 problems e-learning students experience, and how to overcome them

If you have reservations about online courses, worry no more. Read our 5 solutions to popular e-learning problems and study online with confidence.

5 marketing campaigns gone wrong

Any publicity is good publicity, right? In the case of these marketing campaigns, that maxim may need to be re-examined. These companies set out to solidify their brand, using unique marketing campaigns to make names for themselves.

What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

Trying to figure out what can you do with your marketing degree? Let us help you find the answer.

Accountants who changed the world

It’s ok, we understand, just take a deep breath and a moment to collect yourself. It’s true. There are accountants who have changed the world.

The three tenets of great leadership

The best leaders possess certain traits that make them successful. We explore three characteristics that form the foundation of a great leader.

Which way to a career in law?

While it may seem like common sense to assume that opting for an undergraduate law programme directly after school is the best start en route to becoming a lawyer, there are other ways that hold just as much credibility with employers.

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