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Why you really need a degree

...all current data from the job market points to one conclusion: you need a university education.

Social Media: The good, the bad and the ugly - part II

The slightest mistake on social media can result in catastrophe for businesses. Here, we explore ‘the bad side’ of social media.

How important is an MBA for future business success?

In today’s corporate climate, nothing is guaranteed, which is why a graduate degree in business can make all the difference to your future success.

How e-learning with InterActive really works

For those who have never taken online courses, considering distance learning online can pose more than a few important questions. Luckily, demystifying how online learning with IA works is as straightforward as…well, studying online.

Studying your ACCA course online is better - here’s why

Not all ACCA study programmes are created equally. Our ACCA course wins awards, is trusted by three of the Big Four, and is delivered 100% online.

Social Media: The good, the bad and the ugly - part I

A clever online marketing strategy can boost a brand’s reputation overnight. Here, we explore ‘the good side’ of social media.

Join the IA 95% Student Satisfaction Campaign

Delivering online distance education programmes to students all around the world is our bread and butter. And we’re getting better all the time.

Science proves the existence of Father Christmas, and here’s how

If you look up at the sky this Christmas Eve and don’t see Father Christmas and his reindeer, it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t there.

5 problems e-learning students experience, and how to overcome them

If you have reservations about online courses, worry no more. Read our 5 solutions to popular e-learning problems and study online with confidence.

5 marketing campaigns gone wrong

Any publicity is good publicity, right? In the case of these marketing campaigns, that maxim may need to be re-examined. These companies set out to solidify their brand, using unique marketing campaigns to make names for themselves.

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