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Accountants who changed the world

It’s ok, we understand, just take a deep breath and a moment to collect yourself. It’s true. There are accountants who have changed the world.

The three tenets of great leadership

The best leaders possess certain traits that make them successful. We explore three characteristics that form the foundation of a great leader.

Which way to a career in law?

While it may seem like common sense to assume that opting for an undergraduate law programme directly after school is the best start en route to becoming a lawyer, there are other ways that hold just as much credibility with employers.

3 Innovative digital marketing campaigns in the gaming industry

Digital marketing strategy plays a major role in the gaming industry and companies spend millions marketing their games, sometimes even more than developing them!

3 hilarious legal cases that are actually true

Legal cases and disputes that get taken to court are serious matters, often with precedent-setting significance and high emotional and monetary cost. All are carried out with the respect and solemnity appropriate for a judicial proceeding. Except, of course, when they are utterly ridiculous.

Cashless society coming soon to a country near you

The phrase “cash is king” is used when analysing the fiscal health of a business or investment portfolio. Given certain market conditions at any given time, it may be advantageous for a financial concern to hold a large amount of cash rather than ploughing assets into volatile investments or other insecure expenditures.

7 Celebrities you never knew had a Business Degree

What’s better than being a celebrity? Being a celebrity with a business degree! Before these high-profile figures conquered their respective fields and achieved fame, they were academic success stories. While education and celebrity may not appear to go hand in hand, it’s clear in these cases that achieving a business degree massively contributed to their future accomplishments.

Why studying while working may be the better option

Whether you are a fresh-faced school leaver, or a currently employed professional, there are a host of good reasons to consider studying while working. While this may sound like a huge undertaking, every conscientious employee desires to perform well and give themselves the best chance to further their career.

The rise of fast fashion

Nowhere is the trait of instant gratification more evident than in contemporary culture and the fashion industry. In previous years, consumers were willing to purchase merchandise from major fashion labels for the brand name and guaranteed quality. However, today’s consumers desire the same latest fashions but are not willing to pay the major price tag because they do not hold quality in the same high regard.

Recommended Reading, Autumn 2016

To welcome our students back-to-school, and to (hopefully) alleviate some stress, InterActive asked its staff and faculty to choose their favourite books as part of a recommended reading list.

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