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Interview with ACCA student Gabriela Simion, UK

‘’Originally I was studying with another online education provider through my workplace, but I was so impressed with InterActive that I’ve requested for all my studies to be transferred to you!’’

5 ways to beat ACCA results day nerves!

With the latest ACCA exam results just about to arrive, we give our online ACCA students some tips on how to make the best of the results they receive. Read more.

InterActive’s academic director, Jeremy Bradley, talks about our 2016 Eco Entrepreneur scholarship award

InterActive’s academic director Jeremy Bradley shares his thoughts on the 2016 Eco Entrepreneur scholarship award.

InterActive awards 50% scholarship to the runner up of this year’s 2016 Eco Entrepreneur award

The Global MBA provides budding entrepreneurs with the in-demand skills and knowledge needed to excel. Read about one of our scholarship recipients.

Interview with Leena Sindano, InterActive’s 2016 Eco-Entrepreneur MBA Scholarship Recipient

On behalf of all us at InterActive, we’d like to congratulate you on receiving the Eco entrepreneur award this year.

InterActive announces the 2016 recipient of the Eco-Entrepreneur MBA Scholarship Award

We are pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s Eco-entrepreneur award, Leena Sindano, from Namibia.

Six apps that have transformed marketing

The digital revolution has completely shifted the landscape of modern business, but it is through apps that professionals have been able to navigate the new terrain by exploiting sophisticated technologies with ease at the touch of a button.

Everything you need to know about the LLM (Master of Laws) degree

Are you a recent graduate looking to explore legal aspects of your career? Or are you a lawyer who wants to learn more about a particular area of legal practice? Read on to discover why the LLM, or Master of Laws, might be the ideal programme for you.

5 unexpected career benefits of volunteering

It’s no secret that volunteering makes an invaluable contribution to society. Countless individuals rely directly on volunteers every day, and many more benefit from the experience of volunteering themselves.

Five mentoring models that can grow your business

Today, in a world where the demand for new skills seems to outpace the competencies of the existing workforce – mentoring has become paramount, and the demand for robust mentoring initiatives that deliver quantifiable results is at an all-time high.

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