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How Robot-Proof is Your Career?

Not only are the economic and social possibilities stemming from the rise of intelligent robots almost boundless, but the way in which it challenges our notions about what it means to be intelligent, to be conscious, to have feelings - to be human, even – is profoundly engrossing.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership

A culture of social responsibility and ethical leadership sets the tone for productivity and helps the business to engage with the real-life concerns of its employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Why is strategic management needed?

Strategic management entails evaluating business goals, objectives, and plans in light of your company's focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

SWOT Analysis for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can benefit from a SWOT analysis because it allows the business to see where it can improve and plan more efficiently, as well as where it can capitalize on its strengths.

The Strategic Logic of Alliance

Alliances have become an increasingly important – and complex - part of corporate strategy.

6 reasons why it pays to be an entrepreneur

When we take into account the way technology, globalisation, and climate change have impacted today’s job market – we can conclude that there’s never been a better time to become a business leader.

Realising the public purpose

Policy generated only when the need arises or when social issues or uprisings cause policy to be drafted and enacted, often results in policy that is unsuitable for replication on a broad scale.

Why do small businesses fail?

Academic research has indicated lack of innovation and product development curtails the longevity.

Social Media: The good, the bad and the ugly - part III

Sometimes the best intentions, can have the worst outcomes. Here, we explore ‘the ugly side’ of social media.

Why you really need a degree

...all current data from the job market points to one conclusion: you need a university education.

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