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IA Content | Seamless content licensing solutions

Grow your online capability with a suite of ready-made academic resources

InterActive takes the hassle out of moving online. With our extensive library of world-class e-learning content, we offer tuition providers a portfolio of online material – giving you instant access to unlimited instructional possibilities.

IA Content - supporting academic excellence with e-learning innovation

  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Build bespoke online courses from the ground up
  • Launch online courses to supplement your campus programmes
  • Deliver fully endorsed and approved content
  • Reduce reliance on traditional teaching practices
  • Access world-class e-learning analytics
Why IA Content?

InterActive’s approach to content production focuses on the creation of engaging elearning materials driven by our extensive instructional design know-how . Our philosophy is to provide the most efficient transfer of knowledge to the learner possible within the online medium.

What we do

We create an easily scalable solution for bringing together a range of learning segments, creating a rigorous syllabus structure across a variety of subjects. Our library of elearning materials serves as a blueprint for further content creation in each subject area. Unique online study resources are also provided to supplement student learning objectives within your required academic framework.

How we do it

Content is identified within a particular subject area by our Academic Director and the programme leaders responsible for content creation within the relevant subject area. IA Content is then carefully crafted by our team of elearning professionals working in a number of disciplines including syllabus creation, video production, graphic design, and LMS management. Finally, our intensive quality assurance process gaurantees the highest standards of academic rigour and technical reliability.


Our content product range gives you access to online learning resources across a full range of academic and vocational streams, such as: Higher National Qualifications, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes – including MBAs, Executive Education courses, and the Association of Accounting Techicians (AAT) designation.

IA Content product features include:

  • Professionally produced high definition video lectures
  • Case studies and practice scenarios
  • Audio commentaries and podcasts
  • Flashcards to highlight key syllabus points
  • Supplementary ebooks

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