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Working towards the future - InterActive

We believe that education is the most critical factor in helping individuals change their lives for the better. Since 2008, InterActive has pursued change, improvement, and innovation in e-learning. Along with our worldwide academic partners, we believe that open access to knowledge must be one of society’s key concerns for the 21st century. Through the cultivation of advanced teaching methods and accomplished faculty members, which to date have propelled our students to achieve an 88.88% overall pass-rate across all programmes, we strive to lead in the world of online education.

Asking the right questions

We constantly ask our students, our faculty, and academic partners what change they want to effect in the world. Then it’s our job to provide the tools needed. As e-learning professionals, it’s up to us to know how online students want to study, and make sure that our online delivery methods grant students the tools they need to fulfil their ambitions. Our goal has always been to develop the world’s most accessible online educational programmes. We don’t believe in standing still.

A diverse community sharing a single purpose

InterActive enables the education of thousands of people across five continents by giving leading universities and business schools the opportunity to deliver world-class courses fully online. As well as diverse geographical locations, our students come from diverse educational backgrounds - philosophy, sociology, zoology, as well as business, finance and engineering, among many others.

We also work to break down economic, cultural, and ideological barriers to learning. The average gender split across students in all study programmes is 46% male to 54% female across an age-range from eighteen to over fifty-five. And with a number of full scholarship initiatives on offer, an extensive online student support system, free access to a vast repository of research materials, as well as a free careers advice service which is available to all of our students and alumni, we have widened the goalposts in terms of what students of all backgrounds can expect from an online programme.

Recipient of the 2016 InterActive Eco-entrepreneur award (MBA)

“I felt honoured to receive a full MBA scholarship from InterActive because I know it will help me grow as an entrepreneur and expand my marketing and business knowledge. I will use this opportunity to improve my existing skills as well as gain new expertise.”
Leena Sindano, Namibia