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InterActive launches new website to improve student experience

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

InterActive is proud to unveil today its new corporate brand and website, which were renovated to improve the overall online experience. Alongside a new brand that reflects InterActive’s innovative approach as a distance learning provider, the company is also revealing new sections such as a new study experience section.

The newly created study experience section will give users a better taste of some of InterActive’s innovative online tools. Visitors will now be able to learn more and find some of the local InterActive i-hubs, which are learning centres where online students can enjoy a face-to-face interaction with lecturers, guest speakers and other students.

The company is also launching the InterActive Enrolment Centre, which will make it easier for students to register for online postgraduate, professional and executive courses.

Vitaly Klopot, InterActive’s Managing Director, said: “At InterActive, we are committed to both excellence and student experience. With our new brand and website, we are not only reflecting our aim to go forward, but also our ethos to increase and improve access to first-class, global education worldwide”.

“InterActive currently supports the learning experience of its students with its online learning platform, electronic study materials, award-winning lecturers and online mentors. We will continue to renovate our whole online platform and will soon introduce new customizations that will further enhance the learning experience of our students.” To keep updated with InterActive latest news, visit