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10 inspiring blogs to help advance your career

Whether you’re looking for tips on polishing your CV, or want to know how to track down a career that you’ll find truly fulfilling, the blogosphere is full of useful resources that offer practical advice from experienced professionals.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

Here are some of the best career blogs out there that we love to read:

The Daily Muse– the ultimate career finder and guidance destination.

Why we love it: Provides personalised career support from the some of the world’s best career coaches. The Daily Muse will always answer your career questions with wit and charm.

Career Savvy – offers job hunting and interview tips, career development, financial advice, and guidance for students and graduates.

Why we love it: Career Savvy is an easy to navigate website with a wealth of free resources. Each post contains useful information that can help put your professional life on the right track.

Position Ignition – provides a job search portal, career change and professional progression features.

Why we love it: Motivating us with their exceptional career guides, Position Ignition supports young and old professionals alike with one-to-one guidance from some of the internet’s most experienced career coaches.

Monster Career Advice – gives you expert career advice, interview tips, career change and professional development articles.

Why we love it: With an easy to navigate structure including loads of detailed research, stats, and tips from working professionals, Monster Career Advice provides everything you need to make the right career choices.

Learning to Leap – concentrating on job search tips, interview advice, career development, current affairs, leadership, and employee engagement.

Why we love it: With advice about how to make yourself more employable, Learning to Leap will help you adapt to the inevitable changes that occur throughout your professional life with inspiring advice and career workshops.

Career Shifters – sharing inspirational career change stories, professional coaching, and online employment workshops.

Why we love it: Career Shifters is a truly original site that encourages you to pursue your dream job by embracing your natural talents and understanding how your personal values don’t necessarily have to conflict with your professional life.

My World of Work – shares articles about choosing a new career, a CV builder, job search tips, and making a career change.

Why we love it: My World of Work helps you with every stage of your working life, from college graduation up until retirement. Featuring a number of helpful features including advice about funding and apprenticeships, this site has something for everyone.

Career Energy – offers inspirational career advice, job hunting and career change tips, networking and self-employment advice.

Why we love it: Lots of fresh and inspirational ideas that will help turn you into a proactive and well-prepared job seeker. You’ll also pick up plenty of tips on how to get ahead in your current role.

Career Geek – provides a free CV review, career advice articles, job search, and education and enterprise features.

Why we love it: Career Geek offers loads of brilliant ideas and advice that should get you thinking about how to kick start your career development. This site is especially entertaining to read and navigate.

Idealist Careers – shares tips on updating your CV, a job search portal, leadership topics, and professional resources.

Why we love it: Featuring a wealth of real success stories, Idealist Careers will get your pulse racing when it comes to making your next career move. Take advantage of this site’s open webinars and career development resources.

The seemingly never-ending stream of career advice to be found online can sometimes feel overwhelming, so take a look at these 10 inspirational sites and get a whole new perspective on your future. And best of luck!