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10 marketing careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Marketing careers

With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution and the stratospheric rise of personalised technology, those who have made headway in a traditional marketing career are in the midst of a job diversification hurricane. The reasons why marketers exist haven’t significantly changed in recent memory, however, how marketers exist is almost unrecognisable compared with just a decade ago. 

So, which marketing career path will you follow? Let’s have a look at ten marketing degree jobs that have come to prominence in the last ten years. 

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nowadays, online company presence and someone to manage that presence represents an entirely new dimension of potential to meaningfully reach customers and clients. This makes the Digital Marketing Specialist a virtually indispensable member of any successful marketing department. 

Social Media Manager

Approximately one third of all adults who use the internet are registered users of one or more social media platforms. The role mainly involves managing the social media presence of a company so as to connect directly with customers in innovative and engaging ways.      

Chief Listening Officer

CEO, CFO, COO - all familiar acronyms for executive roles in the higher echelons of the corporate structure. So, what is a CLO? The Chief Listening Officer is responsible for the management of the effectiveness of all company communication channels, online and offline, in order to create beneficial strategies and subsequent profits based on customer engagement.


Since the late 1990’s blogging as a career choice has bloomed thanks to the most popular bloggers in the world who have turned writing about their interests into multi-million dollar enterprises. Companies regularly employ dedicated blog writers to expand their reach through fascinating online content.

SEO Specialist

How do customers find your company online? Extend your gratitude to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist. They make sure that online company content is found by potential customers. If customers can find you, they can buy your products. SEO for any company online is simply essential.

Market Research Data Miner

A Market Research Data Miner extracts and presents all relevant company market data from the interaction with customers through the channels the company operates within. Knowledge is key, and this job is essential for better understanding of market conditions.

User Experience Designer

When you find yourself browsing a website endlessly, while also feeling like there is nothing else you’d rather be doing, chances are you are experiencing first-hand the artistry of an accomplished User Experience Designer. This role’s main responsibility is to ensure the customer’s interaction with the company through the media channels the company operates within is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. A neglected user experience is what companies ferociously compete to avoid.

YouTube Content Creators

Video-blogging has become a viable career option for those wanting to essentially create a totally independent television channel. Profits gained through advertising, social media management and sponsorship can reach into the millions, which is why companies also opt for their own YouTube channels to market their products. 

Big-data Analyst

We have so much data now that the natural evolution of the job market has resulted in high demand for skilled individuals who implement systems to aggregate, streamline, cross-reference and present Big-data. This position barely existed five years ago, yet has since become a defining tool for strategic company-wide business decisions.   

Content Marketing Executive

A company website must have content, and that content must engage an audience and cater to the diverse interests of customers and clients whose common interest is in your company. Simply, a Content Marketing Executive works to ensure content remains interesting, informative, relevant, and on-brand. As you can imagine, demand for this position has skyrocketed in recent years. 

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