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6 reasons why it pays to be an entrepreneur

When we take into account the way technology, globalisation, and climate change have impacted today’s job market – we can conclude that there’s never been a better time to become a business leader. So, here are 6 reasons why it pays to be an entrepreneur. #BeTheBoss

1. There’s nothing like being your own boss.

Being an entrepreneur means you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. Though it demands a great deal of responsibility, tenacity, and control, you can revel in the fact that the days of servicing someone else’s objectives are over.

2. It’s the closest you’ll come to achieving a work-life balance.

You are ultimately in charge of your work schedule. With proper time management and delegation practice, you’ll be able to fit your day-to-day commitments around your business comfortably. Plus, you can optimise your time by working longer hours when you’ve got an energy boost, or cutting your schedule short when you feel mentally spent. The 4 hour work week isn’t famous for nothing, after all.

3. There are no salary caps, ever.

Unlike life in the corporate world, you can enjoy limitless rewards. No more waiting for an answer on that business proposal you submitted 6 months ago, no more hierarchical pushback, and best of all, no limits on what you can earn – if that doesn’t motivate you to go it alone then I don’t know what will!

4. You can change the world.

No entrepreneur can succeed without possessing high ambition and embracing a genuine openness to taking on big risks. These traits, additionally, are the driving forces behind what empowers individuals to change the world. Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Richard Branson. Let their work inspire you to do something great.

5. You can choose your colleagues.

Non-entrepreneurs have almost zero control over who they work with – and sometimes clashing personalities can perpetuate an atmosphere that is far from relaxing. Instilling comradery and building the right office chemistry are essential for creating a productive work environment – so it certainly helps if you are given the opportunity to choose your partners and employees.

6. Your work will speak for you.

The work you carry out under your business will reflect your aptitude, values, and strengths. Your business is essentially the product of your ambition, knowledge, practical experience, and skills. Therefore, despite all the challenges and sacrifices that entrepreneurship demands, you will experience an insurmountable jolt of accomplishment and pride in the work you do – which will make it all worth it in the end, and then some.

This article was written by Jeremy C Bradley.

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