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7 eco-friendly apps we love, and why you should love them too!

7 eco friendly apps

Earth Day 2016 is just around the corner, giving us all an opportunity to take stock and consider how our day-to-day activities impact the environment. Here’s a rundown of just a few eco-themed apps that make it easy (and sometimes even fun) to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier world in which to live.


Dropcountr is great way to keep track of your water consumption – the first step in reducing your overall water usage. This app lets you connect directly to your household water provider, who will then send you personal usage updates on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Not only that, Dropcountr lets you see how much water you are using compared to other users in a similar demographic, and the app will also send you updates about water leaks in your area, upcoming droughts, and more, so that you can adjust your consumption accordingly.

And of course, less water usage means more money in your pocket when your utility bill arrives.


Ecoviate is a live news feed that sends you regular updates about eco-related activities, services, and products. This app will keep you up to date with all the latest green developments, as well as sending you interesting tips about how to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Ecoviate is a gamified application, meaning that you can collect points and rewards based on your interaction, and then compare your score with other users, making this app both informative and fun to use.

And best of all, the Ecoviate development team plants a tree every time someone makes a download.


For the foodies among you, Farmstand sends out regular updates about farmers’ markets which are taking place in and around your local area, meaning you’ll never miss a chance to pick up some locally grown produce.

The app provides information about thousands of farmers’ markets around the world, and lets you share photos with other users so you can help promote some of your most cherished local suppliers.


GoodGuide provides in-depth information on products which are scientifically proven to be green and ethical. Employing a team of ecological and environmental experts to test out a range of goods including food, cosmetics, and household items, GoodGuide gives you honest and impartial advice, which means you don’t have to rely on the ad men anymore when making buying decisions.

GoodGuide’s scientists analyse a whole host of factors, such as environmental and social impact, safety, health rating, and more, and then give each product a score from zero to ten. And with a database of over a quarter of a million products and growing, you’re sure to find everything on your weekly shopping list included there.

And the best bit – GoodGuide comes with a barcode scanner which lets you check the rating of products while you’re out doing the weekly shop.


If reducing your personal impact on the environment is high on your agenda, then Oroeco is the perfect way to track how the choices you make on a daily basis affect the world around you. Tracking everyday activities such as how you travel, what you eat, and where you do your shopping, this app will show you how your everyday life - and spending habits - connect to climate change.

Regularly sending you tips and advice on how to adjust your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint, Oroeco is a fun way to tackle a serious issue, and also helps you save money by reducing wastage and demonstrating less impactful ways to travel, work, and socialise.

Love Food Hate Waste

Another great app for the food lovers among us, Love Food Hate Waste is a simple but effective solution to food wastage. As a society we throw away millions of pounds of still-edible food every year due to busy lifestyles, careless shopping habits, and forgetfulness.

As well as giving us tips on how to shop more sensibly and reduce wastefulness, Love Food Hate Waste lets you enter whatever leftover foodstuffs and ingredients you have in your kitchen, and will then suggest a variety of recipes to create, many of which have been dreamt up by well-known chefs. So, now there’s no excuse to leave food lying around uneaten!


There’s no longer any excuse not to recycle with this easy to use app. Giving simple advice on how to get rid of those trickier-to-recycle products such as batteries, household chemicals, electrical goods, and aerosol cans, iRecycle goes as far as providing you with the contact details of nearby locations where you can dispose of or donate your unwanted items.

With information about more than 1 million ways in which to recycle over 350 materials, this app reminds us that recycling is a realistic possibility for all of our household waste, not only the usual plastic, paper, glass, and foodwaste.


If you’re a budding eco-entrepreneur, keep checking our news page for information about our upcoming 2016 Eco-entrepreneur Scholarship initiative, to be launched on Earth Day 2016, where you could win a fully funded online MBA programme