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7 habits of successful leaders

successful leaders

Success comes down to hard work and perseverance. However, there are also a number of other characteristics that truly inspiring leaders embody. Here, we’ll take a look at 7 of them.               

1.       They delegate the workload. 

Good leaders are not afraid to trust others. Simply put, if you don’t hire the right team to deliver your targets, nothing would ever get accomplished. Task delegation also ensures a level of transparency in the office that boosts employee confidence, satisfaction, and morale.

2.       They let others win.

Successful leaders are not afraid to share the gold. They celebrate their employee’s achievements, and encourage peer recognition of good teamwork, as it takes an effective and reputable team to see a business plan through every step of the way. Again, this boosts employee confidence and also serves as a source of motivation.

3.       They’re emotionally tuned in to others around them.

A good boss may lighten the workload of an employee who is having a bad day, or even grant them an extension. It is important for a leader to respond sensitively rather than penalise their employees for not feeling their best. Being emotionally responsive results in low employee turnover and serves as a foundation for building strong working relationships.

4.       They’re willing to let go when something doesn’t click.

Sometimes even the most brilliant ideas just don’t stick. The reality is, even given the best financial forecasting, many business failures are completely unpredictable – which means that inevitably someone has to pay the cost, and in some cases it may very well be you. But a good leader ensures that despite the pitfalls, they’re tough enough to try again.

5.       They love to plan every detail, but also welcome spontaneity.

It would certainly be rare to find a CEO or Director without a calendar, personal assistant, and regular schedule conflicts permeating their day to day affairs. Obviously organisation is regarded at a high level for effective leadership – but sometimes the best deals arise out of spontaneous meetings, accidental encounters, or even as a by-product of a failed project.

6.       They allow themselves to get carried away in their passions.

Let’s admit it – if you’re not passionate about your business, it’ll be hard to convince prospective consumers to be passionate about your product. High performing businesses are led by fully-devoted leaders. They live and breathe their business day in and day out.   

7.       They learn not to take life too seriously.

Contrary to popular belief, perfectionism is not common practice in the world of over-achievers. Sometimes deals fall through, stocks plummet, and profits wane. This, however, is all part of the game. And if you think this just isn’t true, realise that even the most notable millionaires have gone through bankruptcy, and later re-emerged stronger than ever.

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