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Join the IA 95% Student Satisfaction Campaign

Join the IA 95% Student Satisfaction CampaignAt InterActive, delivering online degree programmes and professional qualifications to students all around the world is our bread and butter. And we’re getting better all the time.

Towards the end of 2016, we launched the 95% Student Satisfaction Campaign. This is a year-long campaign that challenges us to take a good hard look in the mirror and put in place new measures to improve on everything we deliver to you, our valuable students.

Along with Continuous Programme Review (CPR) and Annual Programme Review (APR) processes that ensure our courses are always relevant in the changing tides of global academia, business and technology, we are innovating processes companywide, departmentally and individually.

However, we feel it’s not enough just to say we are improving. We want to show you:

Student Support

Intercom – Now you can chat ‘live and direct’ with our student support team from within the InterActive learning platform whenever you have a query.

Increased availability – Our student support team have taken on extra hours to make sure you benefit from their increased availability.

Increased response time – We now answer student queries within 48 hours.

Examinations and Assessments

Graduation – Whether you study directly with us or through one of our university partners, you now receive a full transcript of all grades and completed modules with your final certificate within two weeks of your final award confirmation.

Academic writing workshop – Along with readily available materials detailing how to follow referencing guidelines for academic writing, there is now a compulsory section in your induction module that makes sure you won’t ever miss marks because of bad referencing in your essays.

Faster grading – From coursework submission to exam and dissertation grading, you will receive grades and/or instructions regarding the resubmission of work even faster than before, leaving you plenty of time to get your work just right.


Instructional rounds – This new and innovative method of online classroom observation has been employed by our faculty across our organisation to ensure all departments are never out of touch with the student perspective and what makes a great online learning experience.

Increased response time – We now respond to student questions within 48 hours at the very latest.

Interdepartmental teamwork – Our faculty is committed to working very closely with our support teams to ensure the student experience is further tailored to student expectations.


Blog – Our news and events page on the IA website has been updated and is directly accessible from our homepage. This will be your go-to place for articles and helpful tips on anything and everything related to the big wide world and the courses we offer.

Webinars – Topical live webinars are in the pipeline, so all you need to do in future is sign up to a live webinar on anything from how to effectively use our learning platform to course specific academic lectures.

Newsletters – Faculty specific newsletters are due to debut in the coming weeks. So, whether you are a law student, ACCA professional, or cutting your teeth with executive short courses, you can opt to receive our newsletters dedicated to the most current news in your subject area.

Video Production

5 key points – Our innovative and effective educational videos, known affectionately as BITS, have received an upgrade. Each BIT will now feature 5 summary key points at the end of every video, so you’re never in the dark when it comes to quick revision.

Black magic – We currently do all our videos in-house, and our studio production team has installed a brand new Blackmagic cinema camera at their film studios in London. If you thought the quality of our videos was good before, just wait.

New footage – The video footage that appears in between the important parts in a video where you are learning is to be updated and upgraded. Look out for epic cinematic beauty while you study.

The list of improvements and planned improvements is lengthy, which is why we’ll be providing you with updates on the milestones we reach toward becoming the e-learning provider a greater world needs. However, it’s only really going to matter if you, our students, give us the feedback we need to become the e-learning provider you really want. 

Education is for life. Our target is a 95% student satisfaction rating. Let’s get there together.