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InterActive student, Dhananjay Pandit, achieves fourth highest ACCA result internationally

Nairobi, Kenya

In the latest round of ACCA exam results, one of InterActive’s students received some very special news. Dhananjay Pandit, studying from Nairobi, Kenya, achieved not only the highest mark in Kenya on his F8 paper, but also the fourth highest result internationally.

This was such a fantastic achievement by Dhananjay that we decided to talk to him about his study process, and also to find out what tips he can pass on to other ACCA students who are studying online with InterActive.

Dhananjay, congratulations on being the top student in Kenya, you should be extremely proud of your result. Could you tell us a little about your ACCA study background?

Certainly. In June of this year I sat papers F7, F8 and F9, all of which I studied with LSBF via InterActive. I attended the Live Tuition course and my tutor was Paul Merison. Paul’s tutoring was second to none, I really believe that without his support I would have achieved a much lower result, he was a brilliant tutor. The Live Tuition package meant I had the opportunity to send assignments to Paul every month which he would look over before sending me his feedback. He also helped me find the most effective study techniques to use, and that was probably one of his most valuable contributions.

In fact, some of my friends went to a local university here in Nairobi and they were not instructed in exam technique to anywhere near the extent that I have been, so unfortunately they didn’t do so well in their exams. Paul’s teaching style is phenomenal, he knows exactly what techniques to pass on.

How do you feel about the level of support you’ve received overall?

It far exceeded my expectations. There were many times when I spoke to the tutors about some issues I was facing, such as not knowing the best way to gain knowledge in certain areas, and the tutors were always there to guide me, which was highly supportive and I’d say the academic staff really went the extra mile.

Did you make use of our Live Q&A facility to ask your tutors and fellow students questions in real-time?

Yes I did, and whenever I put questions in the chat box I would get replies immediately, which was a really beneficial study facility. Here in Kenya we are 3 hours ahead of the UK, but even when the time difference was problematic for the live elements of the programme, I could still take advantage of the recorded aspects of the course at a suitable time later on. But still, I would often attend live sessions until very late in the evening, simply because I found them so beneficial.

I’d like to add that the ACCA tutors really know what they are doing, they have specialist skills to offer, so you have to make use of that knowledge to the fullest extent. If you ask them questions they always reply and they are never too busy to help you no matter how many queries you have.

Do you think you would have achieved such a high score without the live element of the programme?

No, I don’t believe I would have. It was only due to the live element of the course that I was able to absorb so much new knowledge. It was definitely during the Live Lectures and Live Tuition packages that I feel I increased my knowledge most rapidly.

Did you find it easy to study from home?

In my opinion it’s better to study online from home, and I’m grateful to LSBF and InterActive for making this possible. To attend a local university here in Nairobi I would have to travel a lot and attend classes with very large numbers of students. So although it’s not always easy to study and take care of my domestic responsibilities at the same time, I still much prefer to study at home.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while you were studying?

I often had a lot of pending work which was sometimes difficult to take care of, and of course these days there are distractions when you are studying like facebook etc. But the way to overcome these challenges is to think about the investment you’ve made in the programme both financially and in terms of time, and personally this helped me to stay focused.

Do you have any study tips for other students who are studying ACCA online right now?

Regardless of which papers you are studying, you have to make sure that you put effort in every day. Although it might seem tempting to put your studies on hold and do some last minute emergency revision right before the exams, that’s leaving everything much too late. You have to take responsibility for your own success. Even studying just half an hour or 45 minutes per day keeps the knowledge fresh in your mind. Another tip is, try as many past papers as you can, as doing this makes the study process more interactive and more fun.

And what are your future ambitions Dhananjay? How do you intend to put your professional qualifications to use?

As my main area of interest is audit, I would like to have my own audit firm eventually. If I am ever given the chance I would like to work in the UK, because the health of the audit profession is particularly strong there.

Well, with such a fantastic result behind you we’re in no doubt that you’re well on your way to achieving your professional goals. Do you have a final message for your fellow ACCA Online students?

I think I’d like to reiterate that the best package with InterActive is the Live Tuition along with Live Revision. With Live Tuition the study process becomes much more interesting. The recorded lectures are also excellent, but with the Live Tuition you are driven to focus more. Just like in a classroom, there is a teacher right there who is talking to you in real-time. So for students who want to excel in their exams and receive high levels of tutor support and encouragement, I would highly recommend InterActive’s Live packages.