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An online MBA opens up new career opportunities

One of the major benefits of an online MBA is that it can help you to build your career or transition from one area of business to another. It’s also the qualification of choice for those seeking promotion, a more challenging role, or even looking to launch their own start-up.

Studying for your master’s while working can be a demanding experience, but these postgraduate degrees are a vital platform from which experienced professionals can make the leap up to more senior positions. More specifically, the qualification can give you a comprehensive understanding of how modern business functions, as well as a firm grasp of the global business environment.

On top of the advanced knowledge and business skills that an MBA delivers, they are also a very useful way to create new professional contacts and open doors to new ways of raising capital; vital elements for any aspiring entrepreneur. Many people now view these degrees as a tempting route away from a traditional career path, towards the excitement of an entrepreneurial venture, without having to take the gamble of leaving their job in order to gain the qualification.

Although people have traditionally built their careers on specific expertise by way of gaining technical skills, modern careers in management are far more about leadership, communication, and self-awareness. Online MBAs aim to provide graduates with all of these skill-sets, which is why they are such a powerful qualification to have in the jobs-market.

But not all prospective MBA students are looking to secure a brand-new job or make a radical career change. Recent data has shown that a significant proportion of applicants are attempting to increase their standing within their current industry. Of nearly 12,000 business students surveyed in April 2015*, 34 percent responded that they were mainly focused on enhancing their current career. The ability to study alongside a full-time job, and at a time and place chosen by you, represents a radical departure from the constraints of the traditional campus qualification.

Certain industries in particular have a high demand for the talents that MBA graduates possess. For example, the luxury g oods market, carbon management, finance, and marketing are areas where rapid advances in technology mean that companies are actively searching for the talent needed to exploit the business opportunities of the internet age.  Naturally, these industries represent an increasingly lucrative career choice for those equipped with the right talents.

There is no doubt that gaining this qualification is still one of the best ways of rising to the top of any industry. MBA programmes have produced chief executive officers of some of the largest public firms in each of the five largest economies in Europe. Indeed, most of the leading companies in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy are led by MBA graduates†.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your career, switch to a new line of work, or start a company of your own, the business skills and flexibility delivered by these programmes represent the best way to become a leader within your chosen field.

* Graduate Management Admission Council report, April 2015