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Interview with ACCA student Bruna Kertusha

Bruna Kertusha

 ACCA student Bruna Kertusha is a senior associate at Boga & Associates, a leading law firm in Albania that provides expert tax and accounting services.

Read what Bruna has to say about her experience studying ACCA online with InterActive.

Could you tell us a little about your background, and about your decision to begin an online ACCA programme?

I studied accounting at the University of Tirana in Albania, and I graduated in 2005. I worked for KPMG Albania for one year as an assistant for the Tax & Accounting Department, where it was a requirement that employees pursue the ACCA qualification.

I now work as a senior associate at Boga & Associates, a top law firm in Albania that offers legal, tax, and accounting services.

What were your expectations going into the ACCA programme?

I wanted to understand accounting regulation issues, become up-to-date with the development of accounting, and advance my knowledge of the latest accounting techniques and topics.

What advantages are you hoping your ACCA qualification will give you in your present career, or in the longer term?

In my present career, this qualification will give me greater access to clients.  In the longer term, I hope this qualification will give me the opportunity to work for an international company.

Did the syllabus and the course content have the right level of academic rigour? Were you challenged enough by your curriculum?

Yes, of course. The syllabus and the course content were perfect. I did not have access to this kind of content during my bachelor studies, so I really appreciated the opportunity to develop my knowledge.

Over the duration of your ACCA studies did you notice a significant improvement in your skills and knowledge?

Yes, I did. In my country, until three years ago, we were only using the national standards of accounting, which were much different from the International Accounting Standards (IAS). So, when it became mandatory to start using the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the change was much easier for me than it was for my colleagues. This was a direct result of the knowledge ACCA had given me.

How would you compare the experience of studying online with more traditional study methods, such as attending a college or university?

Studying with LSBF and InterActive was perfect for me. The professors gave me the right instructions and the all the guidance I needed. They were precise and helped me learn how to analyse not just exam questions, but real business cases.

And now that your programme is coming to an end, what’s next on your horizon?

Firstly, I want to complete my ACCA certificate and gain recognition for it in Albania. Additionally, I hope this certificate will help me land a job offer from an international company.

To sum up, what final impressions will you take away from the online programme, and what advice do you have for other online learners who might be just starting out?

I would recommend studying with InterActive to any online learner. It’s the best investment they can make for their studies.  The tutors are very helpful - they will guide you and make the learning easier. The online programme is clear and precise. The content they publish and the discussions you have on the platform give you the exact tools you need to gain your ACCA certificate.