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Interview with InterActive ACCA student Imran Amin, Kuwait.

Hello Imran, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Could you tell us about your professional background, and the reasons why you are studying ACCA?

Well, I started off my professional career at a very early stage, at nineteen. I work in the central finance department for Mezzan Holding Company here in Shuwaikh, Kuwait. The managers believed that I had a lot of potential, so they set out a plan where I could learn and develop personally. What I lacked here in Kuwait was a proper tuition provider who could help take my career forward without disrupting my professional career.

And which ACCA papers have you been studying most recently?

F9, P1, and P2, all three of which I took together in the December session. For me, achieving good grades in all three papers while working is an accomplishment I’m really proud of. It shows that it is possible to do it all without letting any of your commitments drop.

And how do you feel about the level of support you’ve received during your studies so far?

To be honest, it was wonderful. I would come from work and I would be emailing the tutors if I had any issues, and they would reply immediately.

So you made good use of the Live Q&A facility to ask your tutors and fellow students questions in real-time?

When we had the Q&A sessions I would often have some questions and I would always be answered satisfactorily. There was never anything lacking in the answers provided by the tutors. The best part is that they were always available whenever I needed them, and they always provide me with whatever information I required.

Would you say you find it easy to study from home? Could you tell us about some of the advantages of an online study programme?

Yes, I’ve been recommending it to my friends. It really helps you grow a lot with regards to your studies. The tutors have direct experience with the examination process. I believe it does give you an edge over all the local teachers if you have someone who’s been in the industry. Experience does matter.

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced studying online?

English is not my first language, so this study programme has really helped me enhance my accountancy English and fluency. There were times when I was stuck in the office and unable to attend but the videos would be in the Tuition Library that I could access any time I want. The main challenge is achieving balance in your professional life, in your academic life, and in your personal life.

Do you have any study tips for other students who are studying ACCA online right now?

My study tip is that you should gain a good grasp of the essentials first of all. If the basics are not mastered, you cannot achieve a proper understanding of any topic. Although you do have guidance from the tutor, eventually it’s you who is going to take the exam and gain the qualification, so you have to put in your own hard work and effort. I’m a firm believer that if you can achieve a perfect balance in life, you can achieve everything you want.

And how do you intend to put your professional qualifications to use?

Well, I have this ambition which I live for every day. I want to see myself as a finance manager for a very reputable company by the age of twenty-eight, twenty-nine. I’m 21 now, so it’s not impossible. With constant personal development, I can definitely see myself working as a finance manager by my late twenties.

We certainly wish that your ambitions become reality. Do you have a final message for your fellow ACCA Online students?

I would say that the world of education has changed a lot. You no longer have to rely upon your local tuition providers. We have huge opportunities, and that is nothing to be scared of. Studying towards ACCA is tough, I wouldn't say it’s ‘a piece of cake’. But if you have the determination, a firm belief, the right amount of hard work, and the proper guidance from qualified and experienced tutors, there is no obstacle in your path.