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Interview with Adam Lyons - Auditor - Internal Audit Services - Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Thank you for talking to us Adam. Which ACCA papers have you studied most recently?

I have recently studied the P2 paper. I finished all of the other ACCA papers first and so only had P2 left to sit.

How did you find out about studying ACCA online with LSBF and InterActive?

A friend of mine recommended that I try taking LSBF's online study courses.

Do you find it easy to study from home?

Usually I find there to be too many distractions at home, so I make a point of going to places like my local library to study. But being able to access the videos from anywhere at any time is very useful. Some subjects were hard to get your head around, so it was great to have a lecturer there to explain things in an online video, compared to studying with only the course material and books.

Could you tell us about some of the advantages of an online study programme?

The advantage of studying online is that it offers you the option to revisit topics or sections of the course any time you want.

You don't have to spend time in a classroom listening to topics that are already familiar to you. Instead, when you study online, you can focus on the subjects you find most challenging, and you can always go back and revisit the lectures as many times as you need to until you fully understand the material.

Also, if you need a change of scenery, it’s really nice that you can access the videos wherever you want to. For example, you can study while sitting in a café if you feel like it!

Do you have any study tips for other students who are studying ACCA online right now?

People learn best in different ways. The best study method for me was to take notes while watching the lectures online. You then treat the online study experience as if you are sitting in a classroom. Later, you can watch the videos again with your own notes to consult, so that you really absorb the information.

Make good use of the practice questions too. A lot of other students I’ve spoken to find them beneficial as well.

Also, you should start studying early. Don't think you can cram all of the information you need into three weeks before an exam. It’s better to build up your knowledge over time, and revise regularly.

And what are your future ambitions? How do you intend to put your professional qualifications to use?

I have been studying for important exams every year since I was 16, and I’m 28 now, so I would like to take a break and enjoy the benefits of being qualified. I may consider undertaking an IT audit qualification in the future though.

Do you have a final message for your fellow ACCA Online students?

Everyone will encounter parts of the syllabus that they find particularly tricky. Find a particular resource that gives you dedicated support in those areas, which is what the online lectures provided me, and you’ll perform much better in your exams.