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Interview with Joshua Ogundipe, InterActive MBA student, Ireland


Thank you for finding the time to speak with us, Josh. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself first of all? 

I am currently living in Ireland and working as a customer assistant in the retail sector. I enjoy writing about environmental issues and thinking about ways to save our planet. I believe it is important to take care of the planet so that it can provide for us in return. I always look after my surroundings; a passion I have had since I was a young boy. I think it is important that every once in a while we pause and look at the world around us, maybe there are solutions to problems close by. If we put our mind to things, with all of our effort, we can achieve them and I believe that nothing is impossible. 

How did you first learn about InterActive, and how do you feel about your study experience with InterActive so far? 

I discovered InterActive’s online courses while researching online programmes a few years ago, and I finally decided to apply for the Global MBA, through which I achieved a Postgraduate Diploma in 2014. I began studying this MBA because I wanted to contribute to our planet’s wellbeing. InterActive helps people like me achieve our aims and bring the out the best in ourselves. Since starting my Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business, even though the course is online, I felt a sense of belonging. I particularly enjoyed the business development and political elements of the programme, and I’ve gained a lot of experience.

Why did you originally enter InterActive’s Eco-Entrepreneur essay competition? Has anything changed since you won your award?

I saw an email about the essay competition and, as I’ve always been passionate about the environment and finding solutions to the growing problems in Africa, I decided to enter. I was amazed to see that my essay was picked! I keep showing everybody the award I received because I still can’t believe how well I did!

Since I won the competition, I have found that my ability to express myself has improved tremendously, and my confidence is sky high. It has been amazing to witness my transition; what I thought I couldn’t achieve I have now achieved through studying with InterActive. My studies have also given me the confidence to talk to anyone, and the boost to my CV has been incredible. Even though I haven’t finished my current course, I’ve been getting plenty of enquiring calls from employers.

What are your future plans after completing your Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business

My immediate plan after completing this course is to look for a job that directly pertains to what I am currently studying. The responses from employers so far have been fantastic and my studies have definitely given me more choice, allowing me to dictate my next move. In the future, I also want to be involved in consultancy and business development, but my long term goal is to work for the UN in some capacity, so that I can bring all of my ideas to fruition.