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Interview with InterActive BSc student Saba Ashfaq, Pakistan.

Saba Ashfaq is currently studying InterActive’s online BSc in Business Management, which is awarded by the UK’s University of Wolverhampton. Talking to us from her home in Pakistan, Saba has some useful tips to pass on to her fellow online students.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Saba. Could you tell us a bit about your background, and the reasons why you are studying your BSc online with InterActive?

Hello! My name is Saba Ashfaq, and I am from Pakistan. Previously I was living and studying in London, but I recently came back to Pakistan to get married. Because of this, my student advisor recommended that I transfer my studies to InterActive so I could complete my degree from home.

Do you find it easy to study from home? Could you tell us about some of the advantages of your online study programme?

After my recent marriage it’s been difficult to study as a regular student. So InterActive helped me a lot with completing my studies after I had got married. Now, I can study anytime and get help from all of the InterActive department members. And I found all of the information from InterActive to be excellent: the lecture videos, assignments, etc. 

Do you have any study tips for other students who are studying online right now?

Yes! To all students who are studying online, I just want to say that you should study regularly when your semester starts. 

And what do you hope to achieve once you complete your studies?

After my marriage, having completedmy degree will be mybest achievement!

Do you have a final message for anyone thinking about studying their degree online?

Yes! For people who wish to start, continue, or complete their studies, I can say this is the best study platform for them to fulfill their dreams.  You can find all kinds of support and you can study anytime and anywhere. This is the best choice for those who cannot study as a regular student. It’s a great option if you work, or have just got married, like me. If you have less time to study, or are just very busy– InterActive is a great choice.  The best thing about InterActive is that, at the end, you can get your degree from a European University whether you study in the UK or outside of Europe. In my opinion, this platform is best for those who are not living in UK right now!

How do you feel about the level of support you’ve received during your studies so far?

Well, to study with InterActive as an online student is easy. And I have received all kinds of support from everyone about my problems, questions and difficulties. This is first time I started my studies as an online student, and we get all kinds of help from our teachers, and sometimes also from our fellow students.