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Is working from home a good career move?

Is working from home a good career move?

Telecommuting is no new feat – ever since we’ve been able to connect to a Wi-Fi connection from any public or private spot, we’ve been bringing our work along for the ride. But are our career progression opportunities diminishing as a consequence? Read on to discover the pros and cons of working from home.

Pro: Working from home helps you get more done

Everyone can argue that with videoconferencing capabilities, meetings can now be held from the comfort of your home with your favorite snack right by your side – ultimately putting you at ease to work freely and perhaps, even more productively.

Con: To get recognised, you need to be seen

Do you think you’ll be in the running to join the C-suite if your colleagues rarely get any face time with you? Most likely not. Collaborating directly with others is essential if you want to be recognised for your leadership skills, so even if you do work from home, try to make yourself seen at the office from time to time.

Pro: Telecommuting can help you enjoy your job

When you’re not fighting with your neighbor for access to the copier, or are able to control the noise level around you to improve your concentration, you’ll ultimately feel better about working at home. It allows you to optimise your time better, as well as keeping your virtual meeting rooms available on-call.

Con: You’ll risk losing touch with your career objectives

Working in the same place you sleep may prevent you from seeing your true professional path. It has been often argued that the most successful business leaders are those who distinctly separate work from their private life. Some even go as far as keeping two phones – one for work and the other for personal contacts.

Pro: Staying at home reduces your carbon footprint

One of the more obvious benefits is the environmental good you’ll be doing by avoiding the daily commute to the office. Plus, staying at home will help you save significantly on transportation costs, so it’s a double-win.

Con: You lose networking opportunities

If you find yourself having to re-introduce yourself over the phone to colleagues far and wide on the phone or on-screen – it may be because you’re missing out on prime networking opportunities. Think about what benefits can arise from attending more corporate events, as your next handshake might lead you to your next big career move!

So, while working from home surely has its benefits, it does pay to be present at the office. What is your take on telecommuting?