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InterActive’s academic director, Jeremy Bradley, talks about our 2016 Eco Entrepreneur scholarship award

Jeremy Bradley

"We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.” President Barack Obama 

While the environmental issue has been in the public consciousness for several decades, it is only recently that we are witnessing the ecological impact of humans on a global scale. The attitude to environmental problems in the 20th century has been categorised by many as ‘out of sight, out of mind’, however, in the 21st century we must now adopt the stance ‘seeing is believing.’ 

Human influence has undoubtedly impacted climate change on a global scale by exacerbating already fluctuating weather patterns and triggering major ecological events like the recent death of 22% of coral in the Great Barrier Reef.  It has only been over the last decade that the environmental agenda has truly come to the fore as politicians and business leaders have been quick to support initiatives such as carbon credits to react to these environmental problems. 

Global business plays a major role in tackling environmental issues, and there is a clear need for adaptation in corporate practices at both international and domestic level. 

InterActive is keen to be part of this change, and have therefore launched the Eco Entrepreneur Global MBA Scholarship Award. The scholarship is our way of giving something back to the global community while also aiming to inspire a new generation of business visionaries to change the world in an environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion. 

The Global MBA programme is about developing quality leadership and management skills, and allows students to tailor their syllabus programme to match their specific career needs. The Eco Entrepreneur scholarship supports positive and hard-working individuals and is a platform for them to turn ground-breaking ideas into reality.  

Leena Sindano was recently awarded a full scholarship under our Eco Entrepreneur Global MBA Scholarship initiative, and is using this opportunity to expand her organic produce business in Namibia. Using a local natural renewable resource, the Moringa tree, Leena has created an environmentally friendly and sustainable business that manufactures a variety of products including organic teas, cosmetics, soaps, and spices.  

I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Leena, and wish her the very best of luck - not only on her MBA programme - but also throughout her future entrepreneurial endeavours.