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New Year's message from our Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Jeremy C Bradley

21 December, Prague, Czech Republic

Dear students:

As members of the InterActive community, we can all be proud of our commitment, dedication, and perseverance in the pursuit of lifelong learning. Therefore, as 2015 draws to a close and we begin to focus our attention on the year ahead, I believe it’s time to reflect on the achievements and accomplishments of the last 12 months.

InterActive’s first annual networking event, held in Prague, Czech Republic, welcomed students from as far afield as Mexico, Kenya, France, and the U.A.E. I was personally delighted that so many of you were able to attend the event, of which I believe we all share memories which will last a lifetime. Hearing first-hand about your personal journeys toward academic and professional betterment was truly inspiring.

Another personal highlight for me was the success of 2015’s graduation weekend, which also took place in Prague—a wonderful location in which to come together from across the globe to celebrate the year’s achievements. I would like to thank you all for your participation, and once again extend my congratulations to our 2015 graduates.

The consideration of how our students learn, and how our approach serves to support and enable that learning process, is a constant here at InterActive. I believe that 2015 has seen us make strides in improving the way in which all of you are able to engage with your studies. As some of you will already know, we have recently transitioned many of our online programmes to a new online study platform, Canvas, which is already delivering a much enhanced study experience and will continue to do so as we move into 2016.

I am also delighted to share news of our upcoming scholarship opportunities, which will give a new generation of online learners the chance to access educational opportunities which may otherwise have been unattainable. Personally sponsored by InterActive faculty and our key stakeholders, I look forward to seeing these scholarship initiatives at work in 2016, and I would like to thank all who have been involved in their development.

Now at this time, when as global citizens we collectively take a moment to reflect on a year which has seen moments of great upheaval, I know that our shared mission has never been more vital—or more relevant. Let’s look ahead to the next 12 months and ready ourselves to both support and become agents of change through educational achievement, personal development, and with a continuing dialogue that knows no political or cultural borders.

With warm wishes,

Jeremy C Bradley