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“Commitment & Dedication”: MBA Future Leaders Scholarship winner explains the factors behind her progress

The aim of the newly launched InterActive Future Leaders MBA Scholarship is to identify ambitious students who have their sights set on developing a community-minded enterprise, and help them transform their business plan into reality. The recipient of this annual award is given the opportunity to study a fully funded online Comprehensive MBA programme, validated by Concordia University Chicago in the USA, which provides students with the necessary mix of knowledge and business acumen needed to turn their vision into a profitable and sustainable endeavour.

Earlier this year, Lintle Moletsane-Sekhosana from Lesotho became the very first student to be awarded the Future Leaders Scholarship, and she has wasted no time in applying the concepts that she’s learnt during the first months of her studies to her enterprise, which she hopes will play an active role in matters of social concern within her community.

Reflecting upon this process, Lintle told us, “what I’m learning is a really good journey to making my project better.” In particular, she highlights the Research Methods module that she’s currently studying, which she feels is “imperative for the sustainable development of such a business.” And she’s in no doubt about the positive impact that this will have on her future prospects, declaring that “my business plan is coming along well and I am making some improvements on it as I see fit. I hope to launch sometime in 2016.’’

In order to fit her study schedule around her professional and private commitments, Lintle gets to her office early each day so that she can study before starting work, and usually stays until around 7pm to take part in online tutorials and to complete assignments. And to make the most of this opportunity, the hard work doesn’t stop on weekends either. She explained, “On Saturdays I go to the library so that I get to read more books from different authors, which helps to clarify certain topics. This means that I use every opportunity that comes my way to study and complete my assignments.”

She continued, “I am honestly enjoying learning through the online mode, even more than I had anticipated.” She also told us, “the interaction with my tutors and other colleagues is very good. The tutors are always ready to provide all the needed assistance and support at all times. Therefore, I would not hesitate to encourage other students to go for it; all that is needed is commitment and dedication to pull through.”

Jeremy Bradley, InterActive’s Director of Academic and Student Affairs, commended Lintle’s determination and commitment, saying, “I am delighted to hear that Lintle is progressing so well with her studies which I’m sure will stand her in very good stead for the future. Overall, I am immensely proud of the successful launch of this scholarship, which I hope will provide opportunities to many other similarly inspiring individuals in the future.”

All of us here at InterActive would like to congratulate Lintle once again for making the most of her scholarship, and for acting as a role-model for aspirational and enterprising individuals the world over.

We look forward to following Lintle’s academic and professional achievements in the future. And with 2016’s Future Leaders MBA Scholarship just around the corner, we’re excited at the prospect of giving another deserving individual the opportunity to fulfil their entrepreneurial aspirations.