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Your HND and HNC questions answered by our Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Do I need any previous qualifications to start a Higher National Certificate or Diploma programme?read more

If you have a GCE A Level or equivalent level 3 qualification, you can start studying right away. There’s also a mature route for students over the age of 21 who don’t have the required formal qualifications. This option requires you to show evidence of previous study, for example high school or vocational school, backed up by professional work experience of at least one year.

Does studying online mean the programme will take longer to complete?read more

No, online HNC and HND programmes have exactly the same duration as traditional campus routes, 12 months for HNC and an additional 12 months for HND level.

What are the advantages of the HNC and HND route, compared to starting a bachelor’s degree, for example?read more

HNC and HND programmes are more vocational and ‘hands-on’ in nature than typical bachelor’s degrees, which tend to be more theoretical and concept-driven. This means they are ideally suited to students who want to go straight into the workplace. One of the great benefits of studying a HNC or HND is that they allow you to top-up to a bachelor’s degree later on.

How exactly does the bachelor’s degree top-up option work?read more

After the completion of a HND you can apply for the third year of a bachelor’s degree in a corresponding field, which means you can get a full bachelor’s degree with only 12 months’ additional study. For example, if you successfully complete the HND in Hospitality Management you can apply to join the third year of a BA in Hospitality Management at many of the UK’s universities. If you study an HNC in Business, you can apply for immediate acceptance to InterActive’s BSc in Business Management.

Which kinds of people do these courses benefit most, and why?read more

Higher National programmes are a great solution for people who are looking for a fast-track into employment, as you can gain highly sought-after professional skills in a relatively short period of time. They are also ideal for anyone who is currently working and wants get a qualification that will help to build their career. Also, people with families who need to find a way to balance their studies with their personal commitments find these programmes highly flexible in terms of scheduling.

What are the advantages of studying a HNC or HNC online, rather than on campus?read more

The HNC and HND courses that InterActive have created are revolutionary in terms of online content, and are unlike any other online Higher National programmes available right now. The production values are second to none and the overall syllabus content is very hands-on. Our video sessions are broken down into bite-sized segments, meaning that you can watch them on the train, bus, or sitting in a coffee shop. This kind of delivery lets you absorb a substantial amount of information in a way that is really fun and manageable.

What online study resources does InterActive provide for HNC and HND students exactly?read more

We’ve created an exciting range of online study tools that you can use at your home, office, or on-the-go. For example, there are video lectures that you can watch on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone – they’re all in HD quality and have been filmed in a documentary style, which makes the content memorable as well as entertaining to watch.

We also have knowledge apps, which are really helpful because they’re based on real-world case studies and everyday workplace scenarios. We provide audio podcasts that review the content of your online lectures, so you can catch up on some revision while on the move if you want to. And when you want to share your thoughts, ask questions, or hear what other people have to say about a certain topic, you can participate in our online discussion forums.

We also provide downloadable ebooks for all the HNC and HND programme modules, which provide you with a handy reference if you want to go through the syllabus content using a more traditional, written format.

Do you have any good tips for successfully completing a Higher National course online?read more

Participating in the online forums is key at this level, because a lot of the information is very practical and group orientated so as to reflect the workplace. The real benefit of this learning style comes from engaging with your learning materials and then bouncing ideas around with your fellow students and tutors. In fact, you’ll find that this method is not only fun but really helps you to retain information while being exposed to new ideas which you may not have thought of before.

InterActive also has a dedicated student support team for each HNC and HND programme, which provides hands-on community support and works to help you feel part of a close-knit family of learners.

How do I enrol? read more

Enrolling with InterActive is simple and can be completed entirely online. The first step is to contact one of our experienced educational consultants, who will listen to your needs and then help you find the right programme. We have Higher National programmes beginning just around the corner in May, so you don’t have to wait for traditional intakes to open in September to start building your career.

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