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Studying your ACCA course online is better - here’s why

Studying your ACCA course online is better

The Association for Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) membership is a shining beacon of excellence on the CV’s of the most formidable finance and accounting professionals. While there are numerous ways to achieve this level of prestige, there is only one way that really balances the books – ACCA online. You’d better believe it.

We have put together some cold hard facts to communicate the extraordinary benefits of taking your ACCA course with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF Online), powered by InterActive, to give you the very best chance of passing your all-important ACCA exams.

Award-winning tuition

LSBF Online’s tutors share years of carefully honed industry experience and expertise, and have developed a study programme that is trusted and used by three of the Big Four accounting firms. Not to mention that by taking your ACCA qualification online, you’ll benefit from mentoring provided by professionals who have won professional qualification awards for their training abilities. Simply, we practice what it takes to succeed in global accounting and finance. 

All-inclusive study

With 35 hours of HD video lectures per ACCA paper, a stocked library of downloadable study materials, Live online tuition and revision sessions, discussion forums and a global network of fellow ACCA professionals, worrying that you don’t have the relevant study materials to complete your course is simply not an issue when you do your ACCA with LSBF Online and InterActive. Plus, we offer the full range of ACCA papers from foundation to membership. Simply, we take you all the way.

Unparalleled flexibility

The InterActive study platform is optimised for any operating system and device you use to study online. Whether it’s IOS, Android, Windows, phone, tablet or desktop, you always have the freedom to mould your ACCA success around your private and professional commitments. And, you never have to worry about glitchy video streaming. Dynamic Stream Switching means your videos play no matter the power of your device or strength of your internet connection.


ACCA membership is highly respected in the accountancy world, and the fact that you completed yours online will impress potential employers. Employers see the benefit of hiring those who have succeeded online because of the implicit job skills e-learning requires – discipline, initiative, prioritisation and time-management, as well as technological familiarity.

Save yourself

The accrual of debt is always a consideration when investing in any substantial educational programme. Online learning means you save money on lengthy commutes to study centres, books and learning materials, accommodation, and other spontaneous costs as a result of attending a campus course. With all the other benefits of studying online, this adds up to great value for money.

If you are ready to begin, or indeed continue your journey toward full ACCA membership, check out our full range of study options. And, if you think you have it in you to get your ACCA+MBA/MA online, check out our powerhouse dual degree programmes.

LSBF Online, powered by InterActive, are ready for your next step in the world of finance and accounting, at the highest level.