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What can you do with a Marketing Degree?

Why do I want a marketing degree?

Plenty of career options

Marketing is a broad arena with many career paths to follow and numerous avenues for exploration; whether it is data analysis, market research, product selling, or promotion, there are ample options to cater for different needs and interests. Furthermore, there are many areas outside of the typical business world that need the skills of an expert marketeer; charities, foundations and NGOs are frequently on the hunt for people with top marketing skills.

Always in demand

In the corporate machine, the role of the marketing professional is a fundamental cog and, as long as companies need to sell products, there will always be a role for marketeers. Regardless of an organisation’s size, there is an essential need for strategic marketing plans to ultimately achieve success. Having a top-notch marketing qualification will always be a valuable asset and can be the way to differentiate yourself from job rivals.

A chance to work creatively

Marketing is a perfect route for those that not only have a passion for business but those that possess a creative streak. Marketing is the main area in business in which creativity is not only a coveted trait but a necessary one; making it the perfect career choice for inventive and resourceful individuals. Although a career in marketing can be challenging, if being creative is your strong suit then the reward of being able to use this attribute on a daily basis should make marketing a very attractive option.

Increased earning potential

While salary should not be the only factor in deciding a future career, it should certainly be a key consideration. According to research on graduate average salaries, a marketing degree graduate can earn 25% more than a non-graduate in the same field*. A future career in marketing can be seen as a lucrative proposition with the average salary currently around £39k and an average salary of £80k for a Marketing Director role.
*Based on a professional position requiring a degree compared to non-professional in the same field.

Dual MSc & MA in Strategic Marketing (Digital Marketing and Social Media)

Social Media Executive
Social media executives build an online presence by increasing the number of followers on various outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Average salary: £25,000

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Executive
An SEO executive creates in-depth strategies with the purpose of increasing the number of visitors to a company’s website by obtaining high rankings in online search results.
Average salary: £23,000

PPC (Pay per Click) Executive
A PPC executive arranges and develops PPC accounts in line with an overarching marketing strategy in order to deliver optimum PPC practice across multiple markets, search engines and social media platforms.
Average salary: £25,000

Mobile Marketing Executive
A mobile marketing executive improves an organisation’s cross-functional mobile strategy; involving app-based, in-game, location-based and SMS marketing.
Average salary: £23,000

Affiliate Marketing Executive
An affiliate marketing executive is responsible for CPA-based monetisation of an inventory. They also create campaigns, generate briefs and manage month-end reversals and chargebacks, amongst other duties.
Average salary: £29,000

Dual MSc & MA in Strategic Marketing (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Corporate Communications Manager
A corporate communications manager produces and implements communications that promote an organisation or its products or services. They also help prepare speeches, presentations and correspondence internally for employees and externally for customers.
Average salary: £39,000

PR Director
A PR director administers an organisation’s public relations strategy and also manages budgeting issues in this regard. Much of the director’s role involves media relations, community relations and internal communications.
Average salary: £64,000

PR Specialist
A PR specialist creates and distributes information relating to their organisation through newspapers, television channels, and other forms of mass media. Within larger companies, these specialists are responsible for the PR branch of the communications departments.
Average salary: £29,000

Press Officer
A press officer acts as an intermediary between an organisation and the media, the public and the government. Their main duty involves handling media requests, press releases and events.
Average salary: £36,000

Dual MSc & MA in Strategic Marketing (Global Marketing)

Market Analyst
A market analyst collates and analyses data in order to evaluate current and potential markets. They also identify and monitor competitors and their products, as well as performing market research in order to recognise any industry changes or additional factors that may affect sales.
Average salary: £27,000

Market Research Manager
A market research manager oversees market research and the development of new concepts. They formulate all aspects of research and development proposals, from the objectives of a project, to costs or equipment needed.
Average salary: £35,000

Market Research Director
A market research director manages an organisation’s policies, objectives and initiatives. They are responsible for monitoring changes in the marketplace as well as modifying their own marketing plans accordingly.
Average salary: £70,000

Dual MSc & MA in Strategic Marketing (Luxury Brand Management)

Brand Manager
A brand manager plans and directs marketing content for a particular brand or product. They are responsible for organising a variety of different projects, from sales and advertising to marketing research and, with this experience in hand, many in this role move on to other positions once they have acquired the necessary experience.
Average salary: £35,000

Product Development Manager
A product development manager focuses on the development and planning of a product and are primarily responsible for navigating a product from original concept to eventual commercialisation.
Average salary: £36,000

Dual MSc & MA in Strategic Marketing (Sales Management)

Advertising Sales Director
Although an advertising sales director creates, cultivates, and organises a company’s advertising strategy, much of their role focuses on budgeting, projections and negotiating.
Average salary: £67,000

Account Executive
An account executive works to preserve the positive working relationships between their company and current and potential advertising accounts. The majority of an account executive’s time is spent cultivating these relationships with the intention of acquiring new accounts.
Average salary: £21,000

Global MBA (Marketing Management)

Media Director
A media director is ultimately responsible for acquiring print space in newspapers and magazines, and broadcast time on radio and television for their clients. The director creates media strategies based on a client’s budget and objectives.
Average salary: £58,000

Advertising Manager
An advertising manager organises a company’s advertising strategy, whilst focusing on business and technical elements. An advertising manager also manages sales material and spends extensive time in dialogue with representatives.
Average salary: £32,000

MSc in International Marketing

Account Coordinator
An account coordinator is in charge of arranging print media advertisements as well as managing schedules and promotions to ensure that all projects are completed punctually and clients are satisfied. They also help the account executive maintain client relationships.
Average salary: £20,000

Media Buyer
A media buyer purchases media space and time whilst simultaneously researching and developing campaigns; all of which can be done in a domestic or international capacity. Their responsibility is to locate the media that will best convey a message, for the lowest possible price.
Average salary: £25,000