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Our winner of InterActive's Future Leaders MBA scholarship award

We are absolutely delighted to announce the winner of InterActive’s Future Leaders MBA scholarship award, Lintle Moletsane-Sekhosana. Speaking to us from Lesotho, Lintle explained what this award means to her, and how studying a fully funded online MBA will help her fulfil her personal and professional aspirations.

The moment I received the good news that I have been selected as the recipient of this MBA scholarship, I saw the realisation of my dreams coming my way.  Just a short while later, some questions popped into my mind, such as, ‘Lintle, is this a dream or a reality?’  In the midst of these thoughts, I must admit that there was, and still is, a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, and thankfulness in my heart.

I consider this MBA scholarship to be a pathway towards the accomplishment of my dreams.  I expect that during my period of learning I will be empowered with all the essential tools needed to achieve a high level of professional development, as well as learning everything I need in order to successfully implement my business plan.With the skills and knowledge I will acquire from the different modules of this programme, I expect to find myself running a profitable and sustainable business venture in the very near future. I hope to be counted among the prominent business women of my home country of Lesotho; and subsequently, actualising my desire to make a positive contribution in the reduction of unemployment across the region.

Additionally, upon completion of my MBA, over and above igniting the spirit of business and entrepreneurship in both women and youth, I hope to see myself emerging as a role-model, especially to the women of Lesotho.

I believe my project will provide much-needed employment opportunities to different categories of people within society, regardless of gender, religious and/or political affiliation.  Additionally, I will strive to ensure my business plays an active role in societal activities and matters of social concern.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to InterActive for giving me this opportunity. This MBA scholarship will not only be of benefit to me and my family, but also to Lesotho and her people.

Lintle Moletsane-Sekhosana, Lesotho, July 2015.