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What is ACCA?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is the ideal solution for accounting, finance, or management professionals who are looking to develop their careers.

ACCA gives you the business knowledge and skills needed to gain advanced accounting acumen, increase your earning potential, and find new job opportunities within the accountancy industry.

Completing the full ACCA qualification can be both challenging and time consuming – which is why many online providers such as InterActive give accounting professionals the opportunity to take advantage of ACCA online study in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

The benefits of studying ACCA online

Save time and money

When you study an online ACCA tuition course you will find that it is much more flexible and cost-efficient than traditional classroom study. Plus, you can ensure that you’re studying at a pace that suits you – by spending more time on topics you find challenging and less time on areas you may already be familiar with.

Freedom of location

With the opportunity to set your own study schedule, you can enjoy a rewarding learning experience, hassle-free. Having complete control over your learning environment means you can take advantage of the best benefits studying online has to offer – the freedom to study whenever and wherever you choose.


Studying ACCA online is an innovative experience. You can watch HD video lectures, participate in online discussion forums, live-chat with tutors, and access a wide range of video tutorials and electronic course materials.


Our highly experienced ACCA tutors provide you with personalised feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you participate in live online sessions. You’ll also have access to comprehensive study materials, HD video lectures, and more.

What other skills will ACCA give you?

Studying towards the 14 ACCA papers will help you gain the following professional skills:

Corporate Reporting

Learn how to prepare sophisticated business reports and gain an in-depth understanding of financial decision making practices.

Professionalism and Ethics

Gain corporate responsibility skills and learn how to exercise sensitivity and use fair judgement in decision making.

Strategy and Innovation

Acquire effective innovative decision making skills that will enable you to design comprehensive strategies to improve business rankings and performance.

Financial Management

Learn how to effectively make decisions regarding investments, financial planning, policy, and other related topics with invaluable management know-how.


Successfully analyse and comply with tax regulations to help individuals and companies manage their tax requirements.

Audit and Assurance

Learn how to create comprehensive audits and reports disclosing essential system control information and become informed on assurance processes.

Leadership and Management

Learn what it takes to manage an organisation and its resources using ethical, strategy-building, and financial planning skills.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Influence stakeholder engagement, decision making, and relationship building via effective communicative and problem-solving skills.

Sustainable Management Accounting

Measure and evaluate accounting systems in order to forecast, plan, regulate and influence business performance to meet value creation targets.

Governance, Risk and Control

Be able to assess, track and integrate risk management techniques via the development and regulation of audit and control systems.

What are the entry requirements for the ACCA qualification?

To apply for the ACCA qualification, you will need the following:

  • Two A-Levels and three GCSEs, or their equivalent
  • These need to be in five different subjects including English and maths.

You may be eligible for exemption from certain exams if you hold a university degree that has been accredited by the ACCA. Exemption status is individual and will depend on how much of the ACCA syllabus has been covered in your course.

What if I don’t meet the ACCA entry requirements?

If you don’t meet the entry requirements, there are still ways to start your ACCA journey. For example, by working towards the ACCA’s Diploma in Accounting and Business introductory qualification.