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The InterActive i-hub is a local learning space that provides an opportunity for online students to meet their colleagues, develop professional networks and share ideas that complement and enhance their online learning experience.

InterActive’s i-hubs enhance the online learning experience by offering you the opportunity to:

  • Attend online classroom sessions within a face-to-face community environment
  • Attend talks from local and international guest speakers and expert tutors
  • Network with other students from all over the world and develop a professional network
  • Enjoy a flexible study schedule

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I-hub Riyadh was established in conjunction with EMOS, a subsidiary of Saudi Financial Investment Company (SAFIC). With investment in the educational sector at the heart of its philosophy, EMOS promotes an innovative approach to learning by offering a wealth of international education opportunities utilising local academic support.

You can look forward to lectures with qualified instructors, local case studies, workshops, and networking events.

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Country: Saudi Arabia enables both corporate clients and professional individuals to achieve their strategic training and education goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Through its partnership with InterActive and London School of Business & Finance, has established I-hub Tokyo in order to help its students gain postgraduate qualifications. You will have the opportunity to meet fellow students face-to-face and supplement your online learning with an in-class experience. I-hub Tokyo also provides weekly lectures with qualified instructors, academic English classes, and networking events.

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Country: Japan

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