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InterActive offers a wide range of degree programmes, professional qualifications, certificates and diplomas, delivered directly to your screen. In cooperation with our academic partners – some of the world’s most well-established and renowned institutions – we deliver round-the-clock access to advanced learning resources, giving you complete control over your study programme.

With InterActive you will have access to live and studio recorded HD-quality video lectures with lecture notes, live streamed on-campus sessions, online tutor support, global discussion forums with other students and mentors, plus a range of additional self-assessment options. Please refer to the appropriate programme for detailed information on the course content and features provided.

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Live or recorded HD video lectures

InterActive’s HD video sessions cover the key points of the syllabus of every course. These lectures are complimented by virtual classroom sessions which are available either streamed live from the lecture hall, or as a recording on the online course platform for you to review 24 hours a day. InterActive - on demand, anytime and from any location worldwide.

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Study materials

Programmes provided by InterActive include study materials such as lecture notes, text books, revision kits and revision cards. You will also be able to revise the course topics at your own pace through live or recorded video sessions. The combination of materials varies from programme to programme, so please refer to the specific programme page to view which study materials are provided.

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Discussion forums

Studying with InterActive and our academic partners means you need never study alone. Stay in contact with your tutors and fellow students throughout your studies via online forums and virtual classrooms – we are ready to support you all the way.

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Self-assessment options

Thanks to a variety of self-assessment options available on the platform, you will be able to check your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and revise key concepts throughout your study programme. During the self-assessment sessions, InterActive will not only indicate the correct answer to you, but also provide an explanation with each example.

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