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Hear what our students have to say about their experience with us studying online. When you study an online course with InterActive you’ll build long lasting professional relationships with people from all over the world. Join our online student community and reach career success through personal development and collaborative online learning.

The advantage of this programme was not only its excellent delivery - it was also wonderful to enter a mutually cooperative learning environment.

You can find all kinds of support and you can study anytime and anywhere. This is the best choice for those who cannot study as a regular student. It’s a great option if you work, or have just got married, like me. If you have less time to study, or are just very busy – InterActive is a great choice.

InterActive support has been exceptional. From any issues I’ve had with a particular area of my online courses, to any problems with using the platform, the response time was quick and dealt with promptly. It made studying remotely in different countries easier, as I knew I could rely on the online support.

Studying via InterActive is both exciting and challenging, providing relevant business concepts which are proven to be practicable.

I have found the online courses and assessments to be addressing crucial business principles which empower an individual to become a strategic and innovative business leader. Feedback from the assessors is very detailed and clear which enables an individual to strive for continuous improvement.

The best thing about InterActive is that a person enjoys the benefits without travelling out of his/her country and can be enjoyed while a person is anywhere in the world.

All of your materials are there online and easily accessible, and the examination format gives you a window of 48 hours in which to complete the exam, so I experienced no problems at all studying from Southeast Asia.

Alex Hang Tran


New Zealand

I am very pleased with the support received from the InterActive team and tutors during my studies. Enrolling on an online MBA programme gave me the possibility to study around my work commitments.

Kate Kliuchnikova

Global MBA


One of the things I loved about this course were the interactive forums where you can post your work online for discussion purposes. My classmates would regularly chip in their own ideas and share their business experience, which makes the learning experience feel like a global classroom.

My experience with InterActive’s online platform has been excellent. The support from the team has been immense and I found that there is always someone who can help you, either through a phone call or by email. The most recent example was InterActive’s technical team assisting me with some questions regarding the study platform; their step-by-step guidance ensured the complete resolution of any queries that I had.

I am honestly enjoying learning through the online mode, even more than I had anticipated. The interaction with my tutors and other colleagues is very good. The tutors are always ready to provide all the needed assistance and support at all times. Therefore, I would not hesitate to encourage other students to go for it; all that is needed is commitment and dedication to pull through.

Lintle Moletsane-Sekhosana

Comprehensive MBA


I decided to study online so that I could keep my current job and learn something new at the same time. It was very interesting to meet people from different parts of the world via the online platform, which was a really good way to collaborate and share our study experiences.

Alaa Radouani

MSc and MA in Finance & Investment


The tutors were very accessible when you needed them. Even though they were online you could still access and send them emails and they would get back to you within a short period of time. That was very important for me.

Carly Marie Caruana

MA in Strategic Marketing


The advantages of studying online are that you can access the lectures and other materials which allow you to gain an understanding of the work at any time of the day. You don’t have to be in any particular physical place in order to study, which is obviously a big benefit.

The advantage of studying online is that it offers you the option to revisit topics or sections of the course any time you want. You don’t have to spend time in a classroom listening to topics that are already familiar to you. Instead, when you study online, you can focus on the subjects you find most challenging, and you can always go back and revisit the lectures as many time as you need to until you fully understand the material.

Adam Lyons



Studying with InterActive was perfect for me. The professors gave me the right instructions and all the guidance I needed. They were precise and helped me learn how to analyse not just exam questions, but real business cases. I would recommend studying with InterActive to any online learner. It’s the best investment they can make for their studies. The tutors are very helpful – they will guide you and make the learning easier.

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