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Hear what our students have to say about their experience with us studying online. When you study an online course with InterActive you’ll build long lasting professional relationships with people from all over the world. Join our online student community and reach career success through personal development and collaborative online learning.

The advantage of the programme was not only its excellent online delivery - it was also wonderful to read other peoples’ feedback and enter a mutually cooperative learning environment where we supported each other’s personal development.

Sue Freeman



There was never anything lacking in the answers provided by the tutors. The best part is that they were always available whenever I needed them, and they always provide me with whatever information I required for all my online courses.

Imran Amin



I have received all kinds of support from everyone at InterActive about my problems, questions and difficulties. This is first time I started my studies as an online student, and we get all kinds of help with regards to our personal development from our teachers, and sometimes also from our fellow students.

Saba Ashfaq

BSc (Hons) Business Management


What I like the most about the online courses is that it is easy to access the videos and since you have two options, high and low quality, you can literally view them everywhere. It’s a comfortable platform, it’s convenient. The tutors are good, the videos are good quality, the notes are clear, is easy to follow. I feel I prepare very well for every exam. The teachers have been helpful and the price is very good. In a nutshell, InterActive is High Quality Videos + Excellent tutors + very convenient

Alena Walker



InterActive is useful, innovative and fun. My favourite element is that I can watch the videos over and over again. Studying through InterActive aided my personal development by helping me to get into Deloitte in Chile - hopefully I will be in a managerial position five years from now.

Javier Roblero

MSC in Finance


The wealth of information derived from this online course has provided me with excellent resources to guide me in my future business-related endeavours and personal development.

Nikhita Iyar



InterActive support has been exceptional. From any issues I’ve had with a particular area of my online courses, to any problems with using the platform, the response time was quick and dealt with promptly. It made studying remotely in different countries easier, as I knew I could rely on the online support.

Sanjiva Ganesh Glynn


Costa Rica

Studying at LSBF via Interactive is both exciting and challenging, providing relevant business concepts which are proven to be practicable.

I have found the online courses and assessments to be addressing crucial business principles which empower an individual to become a strategic and innovative business leader. Feedback from the assessors is very detailed and clear which enables an individual to strive for continuous improvement.

The best thing about interactive is that a person enjoys the benefits without travelling out of his/her country and can be enjoyed while a person is anywhere in the world.

Mfundo Simangaliso Nkosi

MBA in Global Strategy

South Africa

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