Start Dates
January, April, July, October
MSc Data Analytics & Finance 
18 - 60 months
Awarded by:
This online MSc programme has been designed to advance your skills in the application of data analysis to corporate finance, helping you achieve competitive advantage for your organisation.
The programme examines the value of consulting data analytics when making key financial decisions, exploring different business modelling techniques, and how analysis of your organisation’s data environment can lead to better business outcomes. This acute understanding of data interpretation will enhance your abilities in financial management and in the reporting of corporate performance.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSc Data Analytics & Finance will possess career-ready skills in:

  • Data design and choosing the most appropriate method of data collection
  • The handling of data and financial decision-making
  • Different business modelling techniques
  • The reporting of corporate performance for better financial and business choices
  • Better data visualisation for crucial interdepartmental engagement 
  • With Arden University, you’ll have access to an engaging and easy to navigate online learning portal called ilearn. Available on desktop or mobile devices, ilearn supports and encourages you to take control of your studies. Providing everything you need to complete your programme in one accessible place, ilearn features:

    • A virtual classroom, library, diary, and lecture theatre rolled into one
    • All of your modules, study materials, career support, and schedules
    • Access to an online library containing thousands of e-journals and e-books
    • Downloadable module materials so you can access the course when offline
    • Engaging forums where you can interact, debate, and discuss ideas with your tutors and fellow students
    • A UK honours degree at a minimum of second class (2.2) or equivalent
    • IELTS level 6.5 or equivalent for students whose prior learning was not taught in English

    Please be aware that this course will require you to handle numbers. We recommend that you have a minimum of GCSE standard Maths to succeed.

    If you don’t have academic qualifications, Arden are more than happy to consider an application if you have substantial suitable work experience (typically 5 years senior level experience) and can demonstrate your ability and motivation to study the programme.

  • The MSc Data Analytics & Finance will further your understanding of the valuable role data can play in financial decision making. Over 7 modules, you will learn methods in understanding and presenting data in an engaging way so that non-specialists can appreciate the significance of the information, and how it can inform of key business decisions. You will explore various business modelling techniques, learning how to evaluate business choices from both mathematical and analytical perspectives.

    By considering the ways in which financial markets can oblige a company to act with regard to dividend policy, governance, and financial reporting, you will be well-equipped to lead the way in by effectively communicating the importance of analysing financial information. The final research project module will be your chance to focus on an area of your choice, with full support and guidance from your programme tutor.

    Follow this link to explore the full programme syllabus.

  • If you'd like to apply, please click on the link below. Your application should take no longer than five minutes to complete. Please try and provide as much detail as possible so we can properly advise you on the next steps. Once you've submitted your application, one of our dedicated course advisors will contact you within 48 hours.

    Apply now


Just three months into my course and I’m already getting the chance to make important business planning decisions.
— Emma, 23, MBA, Arden University
Rupinder Singh
I started to benefit from my MBA even before I had completed the degree. I sensed increased respect and value at work from my peers and superiors, while the increase in salary followed very soon as I had anticipated.
— Rupinder Singh, MBA, Arden University

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