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1st or 15th of every month
Advanced Diploma in Finance and Investment
3 months to 9 months
Awarded by
Gain the skills needed to analyse consolidated financial statements and predict the fiscal health of future business.
This advanced diploma consists of three modules; Advanced Financial Accounting & Analysis in which you will learn how to read and analyse financial statements; Corporate Finance, which covers topics such as discounted cash flow methods, calculating the cost of capital, and cash management; and finally, Advanced Managerial Accounting and Analysis module, where you will learn how to use financial information to predict sales revenue and make sound business decisions.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this advanced diploma programme will possess career-ready skills in:

  • Using financial information to forecast sales and identify risk
  • Cash management, cost of capital, and discounted cash flow methods
  • Reading and analysing financial statements to make the right financial decisions
  • Utilising cash management models to critically evaluate working capital policies
  • Your programme modules and learning content are delivered via the Canvas study platform, and feature the following resources:

    • Professionally produced video lectures created by leading business practitioners
    • A designated tutor who will provide support and feedback throughout your programme
    • Case Studies and Discussion Questions to enhance your understanding of theory in context
    • Downloadable e-books and free library resources to aid your assignment writing and research
    • Access to online forums where you can share and discuss new concepts with fellow students and professionals from around the world
    • A good level of English language ability is recommended
    • Relevant work experience is an asset, but no work experience is required
  • There are three modules in the Advanced Diploma in Finance and Investment course. Each module consists of sub-topics which include:

    • Advanced Financial Accounting & Analysis – read and analyse financial statements, make financial decisions
    • Corporate Finance – cash management, cost of capital, and discounted cash flow methods
    • Advanced Managerial Accounting and Analysis – using financial information to forecast sales, identify risks, financial decision-making
  • Based on all online students who studied with InterActive in 2016



Daniela Rachow
I loved the international aspect of studying with InterActive, it’s a very rewarding learning environment. I am absolutely happy with my choice, I’d do it again.
— Daniela Rachow, Germany
Brinsley Bailey
I love everything about the platform. It is so easy to navigate and the fact that I can access my work, view the online libraries and talk to my classmates in one area is very useful.
— Brinsley Bailey, United Kingdom
Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot
Learning is the most important thing, continue to learn, you don’t stop your learning.
Kunhipurayil Ratnakumar Mattankot, India

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