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InterActive is an award-winning online learning organisation. We provide recognised professional qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and executive education courses 100% online in collaboration with some of the world's leading educational institutions. InterActive is passionate about giving you the flexibility to study at the time, pace, and location of your choice. You gain complete control over your studies – with our dedicated support.

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Find out about the lives we've changed this year, what our students say about us, myths and facts about online study, and our dreams for the future. It's all in the InterActive Impact Report, 2016.


How Robot-Proof is Your Career?

How Robot-Proof is Your Career?

Not only are the economic and social possibilities stemming from the rise of intelligent robots almost boundless, but the way in which it challenges our notions about what it means to be intelligent, to be conscious, to have feelings - to be human, even – is profoundly engrossing.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership

A culture of social responsibility and ethical leadership sets the tone for productivity and helps the business to engage with the real-life concerns of its employees, customers and other stakeholders.


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