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InterActive is an award-winning online learning organisation. We provide recognised professional qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and executive education courses 100% online in collaboration with some of the world's leading educational institutions. InterActive is passionate about giving you the flexibility to study at the time, pace, and location of your choice. You gain complete control over your studies – with our dedicated support.

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Find out why studying online with us is a truly flexible and fun way to gain new skills, knowledge, and experience.

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Our certificate and diploma courses are specially designed to provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to take your professional development to the next level.


7 rewarding aspects of a career in HR

7 rewarding aspects of a career in HR

The list of departments within a company is potentially unlimited. However, there is one department that can put you at the centre of company activity. That department is HR, Human Resources.

4 famous intellectual property cases

4 famous intellectual property cases

When you create a billion dollar product and are ready to take it to market, you need to be prepared for the expensive intellectual property disputes that individuals, companies, and even macaque monkeys, can find themselves embroiled in!


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