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6 Surprising Career Options for AAT Graduates

Think your AAT qualification is limiting you to the likes of working at an auditing firm or a bank? Think again! Here’s a list of 6 surprising careers you can pursue that combine your interests with your accountancy expertise.  

1.       Become a buying manager for Amazon, the largest e-commerce retailer.

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy the prospect of building strong relationships with vendors, and using your negotiating skills to secure a great deal, then you may want to consider working as a buying manager. As a qualified accountant with proper experience under your belt, you could work for the world’s most innovative e-commerce retailer. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of tech’s brightest minds, to keep you inspired every day.

2.       Foster your leadership skills in the world of retail management.

Apple. Ralph Lauren. Coca-Cola. Louis Vuitton. The retail sector is made up of the biggest and brightest in technology, cars, luxury goods, telecommunications, sports, and more. This means that the sky’s your limit when it comes to choosing a field that speaks to your passions. If you love the challenge of maximising profits while minimising costs, and think you’ve got a handle on what it takes to manage and inspire a team, this may be where you belong.

3.       Become a forensic accountant and work for the FBI or CIA.

Forensic accountants are in high demand when cases of fraud, identity theft, and insider trading are being investigated. Plus, accounting, auditing, and financial analysis skills are considered to be highly respected by these top secret agencies, so if you’ve got a portfolio of relevant experience and skills, you could land yourself a job title that will warrant you James Bond approved martinis for life.

4.       Join the glitzy and glamourous field of entertainment accounting.

From Hollywood film studios to hit-making recording studios, from international press junkets to multi-million dollar VIP parties, the lifestyles of A-list celebrities would not be sustainable without an expert team of entertainment accountants to manage the day-to-day expenses and business contracts of some of the world’s most photographed celebrities. This field is great for accounting professionals who’ve got a knack for networking and building strong relationships. 

5.       Enter the music industry and work for a record label.

If music is your passion, and you’re a supporter of today’s modern-day hit makers, you may want to immerse yourself in their world, financially speaking. The mediums of revenue generation today for new and upcoming artists span many platforms, from digital downloads to merchandising and brand licensing – all of which need to managed by a team of savvy accountants.

6.       Become a market research analyst for a major non-profit.

Are you passionate about helping others? The Red Cross, the Mayo Clinic, and Feed the Children are just some of the world’s largest non-profit organisations with hundreds of affiliates, societies, partnerships, and subsidiaries which employ accounting professionals all over the world. If you’ve got strong analytic and critical thinking skills, you might find yourself excelling in this position with the added benefit of knowing you’re making a real contribution to humankind.