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Introducing and welcoming Miss Yaro Fong-Olivares to our Networking and Graduation Event 2016

When we think of heroes and legends of humanitarian effort, we might be forgiven for only being able to recall those famous figures most frequently espoused by the international media. Look a little past that, and you will find the charitable actions of businesses and individuals that, for the most part, seek no extra recognition for their support of causes the majority agrees are fighting the good fight – malaria, cancer, and famine for example. Heroes all.

However, dare to dig deeper and ask who is fighting the good fight for those communities so massively marginalised by society, and our view becomes a little opaque. Often, it’s just a little too much to bear for the ordinary person to think about how, let alone manage, to reintegrate youth sex offenders into a family life of love and compassionate understanding, for example; or to build education centres for school dropouts; orcreate fitness studios for women in low-income neighbourhoods. And were it only for the need of a big heart, we might all be heroes too, but to lead and innovate the collaborative discovery of change intervention to facilitate a more just society – well, you’ve just met Yaro Fong-Olivares. 

She will be attending the Networking and Graduation Event in Prague from the 1st-3rd December 2016 as a very special visiting speaker on leadership and changing the world for the better. 

Over the last twelve years Yaro has dedicated herself to the pursuit of excellence in non-profit management, leadership and wellness coaching, strategy and organisational development, sustainability and innovation. She has taken these skills and applied them repeatedly to projects aiming to help and serve the most unfortunate among us, tackling some of the most complex social issues in society. 

Currently, she is tackling student debt in the United States as part of The New School, New York, New Challenge fellowship programme for 2016, as well as holding membership of the leadership group Standing in Our Power – an organisation that facilitates transformational leadership development for women working in social movement organisations.   

If you thought the structured and informed battle against hardship in the dark corners of society was something you couldn’t be a part of, because it sounds too difficult or harrowing, and you can’t imagine implementing advanced and holistic business principles to resolve issues where the profit is simply quality of life, then come and meet Yaro. Listen to her speak. If you want to change the world and don’t know where to start, with Yaro might be the best place to start. We hope to see you this December.