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Science proves the existence of Father Christmas, and here’s how

Father ChristmasA man of a million names depending on where you grew up, Father Christmas delivers presents to 700 million children around the world on a flying sled pulled by magical reindeer one night every year. Of course, there’s no way that’s possible, and the only way such a feat could ever be accomplished is in the minds of children…and Einstein.Einstein’s theory of relativity

To be able to simply get to all the places he needs to on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas has to be travelling at a speed approaching 6.2 million miles per hour (that’s only fractionally slower than InterActive’s delivery of world-class online courses). According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, travelling at this speed would allow for a few amazing things to happen. 

Negotiating chimneys

For one, speeds this fast cause the body travelling to shrink. That’s how Father Christmas solves the problem of getting down more than a billion chimneys with his huge sack of gifts. 

Now you see him, now you don’tDoppler Effect

Secondly, children hoping to catch a glimpse of his glorious red and white suit will, unfortunately, never be able to until he slows down. In fact, travelling so fast changes his suit colour to green (actually, St.Nicholas’ original colour), and eventually makes him disappear due to the Doppler Effect (the change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer moving relative to its source), as the light waves hitting him become more and more squashed. 

“It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”

Thirdly, thanks again to the Doppler Effect, the sound of his sleigh-bells, his bellowing “ho, ho, ho”, and the clippety-clop of reindeer hooves on the roof would rise in pitch until eventually becoming inaudible. Children listening out for good ol’ Father Christmas to arrive might be lucky enough to hear a bang, but that’s likely to just be the reindeer accelerating past the sound barrier, creating a loud sonic boom as Father Christmas races to his next destination. Father Christmas races

While there’s irony in the existence of Father Christmas being one we can physically prove, but not physically observe, at least on Christmas Eve, it’s heart-warming to imagine that somewhere out there is a very fat, very generous, and very technologically advanced saint who simply wants you to be happy this Christmas.

“But, how do the reindeer fly?”, well, until we understand the properties of aviation that only reindeer are currently privy to,…that’s just the magic of Christmas ;)

Happy holidays everybody, and have a great 2017.