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InterActive Graduation & Networking Weekend 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

InterActive's Graduation Networking Event 2016

Last week, InterActive had the pleasure of welcoming students from across the globe for the 2016 Graduation & Networking Weekend. Attendees travelled from a diverse range of countries including Mexico, Turkey, Honduras, and Italy, and we were particularly delighted to welcome back a student who had attended one of our previous networking events – this time returning as a graduate.

The three-day event also brought together InterActive’s Academic Director Jeremy Bradley, Chief Operating Officer Vitaly Klopot, faculty members, staff, and other distinguished guests who all had the pleasure of congratulating our graduates in person, and participating in this unique opportunity to meet face-to-face and share ideas.

Kicking off with a cocktail reception on Thursday evening, the weekend’s events included a tour of the historic city of Prague, and a formal lunch and graduation ceremony attended by special guest speakers which formed the centre-piece of this wonderful occasion. The fact that two students who had become close online acquaintances through InterActive were meeting for the first time made it all the more special.

As well as a fantastic opportunity to share our successes, the weekend also proved to be invaluable in terms of forging closer multilateral working relationships, as well as finding out more about each student’s unique learning experience so that we can continue to grow as an educational community. Remarking on the event, Jeremy Bradley said:  

Building upon the success of previous events, this networking and graduation weekend took things to the next level in terms of what we aspire to achieve through these unique chances to all come together under one roof. Welcoming back students from previous events and enabling classmates to meet in person for the first time was particularly gratifying, and I think that really encapsulates everything that we are about as an organisation.”

We would like to thank all attendees once again for helping to create a truly memorable experience, and we look forward to meeting more members of the global InterActive community at our next event.

More photos of the event are available on InterActive’s Facebook page.