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InterActive joins Africa House London initiative to boost bilateral trade and investment

As Africa continues to modernise its economy and develop its infrastructure, international businesses and organisations are keen to make the most of the continent’s rich investment opportunities.

With recent findings showing that the continent holds seven out of ten of the world’s fastest developing economies, Africa’s nations are in a period of rapid economic growth, propelled by huge reserves of natural resources and an ever-growing workforce

We are pleased to announce that InterActive and its academic partner London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), are to join the Africa House London initiative, a not-for-profit enterprise established to promote direct trade for sustainable growth between the UK and Africa. LSBF, InterActive, and Africa House London will work with a number of other leading British and African organisations to strengthen, develop, and add value to new and existing trade and business relationships

“Our successful engagement with the African continent has included teaching thousands of on-campus and online students, as well as our corporate and governmental partners,” said Andrew Malley, Director of African Leadership & International Partnerships.

“This has led us to believe that the issues which matter most to the emerging African economies are; education, up-skilling, responsible corporate and social governance, as well as positive engagement and partnership with the global economy,” added Mr Malley.

As official educational partners, LSBF and InterActive will be working to guide students and professionals in the areas of executive education and continued professional development, two vital areas for organisations looking to move into this new and dynamic market, as well as for African organisations looking to expand and work alongside UK businesses. Up-skilling, preparation for alternative markets, and life-long learning are vital components for any organisation’s HR agenda, and LSBF and InterActive will work with Africa House London to assist organisations across these areas.

Africa House London was established in response to the growing need for accessibility to lucrative trade opportunities in Africa by the UK government and British corporations. As part of the organisation’s mandate to have a positive impact on UK trade, it is spearheading an initiative called Africa For Growth, led by London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Greater London Authority. The project been designed to encourage and increase bilateral trade and investment between the UK and Africa.

“We feel this initiative touches upon the core areas we believe are vital to the success of this project and of UK-Africa bilateral relations,” continued Mr Malley. “Investments in Africa over the past two decades have shown to provide greater returns, averaging 16-20% higher returns than in European and Asian economies. A number of companies are already looking to Africa as a valid investment opportunity, including our group. On LSBF and InterActive’s side, this includes plans to establish offices and schools, alongside other projects in development by UK organisations in industries such as power generation, infrastructure, oil and gas, and hospitality. A common theme exists in this expansion; the importance of education as a key component within training, apprenticeships, and mentoring.”

“This new partnership comes at the right time to be mutually beneficial to all involved, with successful investments continuing to help the growth of Africa’s economy, whilst providing strong links for LSBF, InterActive, and our wider group as a whole,” concluded Mr Malley.

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