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  • Each level has three core papers and one case study.
  • The Core papers:
    • 70% pass rate
    • Computer based tests to be taken on demand, at any time.
    • Papers to be completed before the case study is taken.
  • The Case Study Exams
    • 60% pass rate
    • 4 exam sittings every year (Feb, May, August, November)
    • Must be completed before moving onto the next level.

CIMA Essentials starts from £180
CIMA Tuition starts from £300
CIMA Live Tuition starts from £495

Our CIMA syllabus has been created to provide you with an effective way to achieve the exam success you need to take your career in management accounting to the next level.
These CIMA tuition packages give you access to engaging multi-media learning resources and experienced tutors who know the syllabus inside out, equipping you with all the tools you will need to pass with flying-colours.

How is the CIMA programme structured?

The programme consists of three case study exams; Operational, Managerial, and Strategic.

You can only sit a case study once you have passed the respective three feeder papers; i.e., the Managerial case study can be sat once you have passed E2, F2 and P2; or the Strategic case study after passing E3, F3 and P3, etc.
The case studies can be sat four times a year over a three week period.
Papers E, F, and P can be sat at any time, and involve 90 minute exams with a pass mark of 60%. You will receive your results for these exams immediately.
You must have completed the relevant case study before progressing to the next level.

How does CIMA benefit you?

The CIMA syllabus is designed to provide you with the very latest management accounting knowledge and highly sought-after professional competencies. The entire focus of the qualification is geared towards developing real-life skills that you will need in the workplace, and focuses on meeting the employability needs of employers and professionals alike.

Why study CIMA online with InterActive?

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants qualification gives you a solid foundation in finance and accounting, and is held in high esteem by the world’s foremost employers. By working towards CIMA certification, you will learn the skills that are needed to drive thriving businesses to even greater success.

Studying online via InterActive provides you with the opportunity to gain this globally recognised designation with complete online flexibility, which means you can fit your studies around your other commitments, not vice versa.

To gain the full qualification, you must complete four separate levels by sitting the relevant Integrated Case Study (ICS). These assignments consolidate your skills and knowledge at the end of each level, and give you a better sense of how to translate your CIMA studies into professional practice.
In order to attain the CIMA certification you must successfully complete 14 papers and three case studies. It usually takes a minimum of 2 years to complete them all. 

Exams are computer based and can be taken on demand, at any time. Students must obtain a 70% pass rate. Papers must be completed before the relevant case study is taken.

The case studies can be sat 4 times every year (Feb, May, August, November) and students must obtain a 60% pass rate. Case studies must be completed before moving onto the next level.  

Here is a step by guide to how you should proceed with your studies and examinations:

  • Choose the study package and papers which best suit your needs and the relevant papers from the InterActive Enrolment centre During your purchase, you should provide a confirmation number from CIMA showing that you have already registered for your exams.
  • You will receive an email with your InterActive login details 24 hours after payment.
  • You will then be able to study towards your paper according to the content of the package you purchased. At the start of your studies you will be given access to all learning tools included in your package, such as recorded HD quality video lectures, lecture notes and other study materials, tutor marked mock exams and progress tests.
  • The next step would be for you to take your exams. If you pass, you will be able to continue with your application to sit more papers. If you fail but are eligible for the Pass First Time Guarantee, you will get access to CIMA study materials for the papers you failed and can re-sit them once you re-register. If you fail but purchased Ultimate Confidence Booster along with your study package and are eligible, then you will get your money back.

The levels of the CIMA qualification are:

  • Certificate (C01, C02, C03, C04, C05)

    Consisting of five papers, the Certificate level is CIMA’s open entry route. The Certificate papers can be sat in any order, although we suggest that students begin with paper C2, before progressing to C5, C1, C3, and finally C4. This first level takes between six and 12 months to complete, and you could be given exemptions from some papers depending on your previous qualifications and experience.

  • Operational (E1, F1 and P1) + case study

    The Operational level contains three Objective Test exams, as well as an Operational Level Integrated Case Study. After passing these stages, you will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting, and can then progress to Management level.

  • Management (E2, F2 and P2) + case study

    The Management level explains the strategies planned at higher levels, and communicates these to lower levels for the purposes of implementation. With a medium-term focus, Management level supervises and reports on the effective implementation of strategy across management accounting structures and departments.

  • Strategic (E3, F3 and P3) + case study

    The Strategic level concentrates on the long term. You will learn about making strategic decisions, and will be provided with the context in which those decisions are best implemented. This is the fourth and final level of the qualification.

Certificate LevelRead more

C01 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting
C02 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
C03 - Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
C04 - Fundamentals of Business Economics
C05 - Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law

Operational LevelRead more

E1 Organisational Management
P1 Management Accounting
F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation
Integrated Case Study

Management LevelRead more

E2 Project and Relationship Management
P2 Advanced Management Accounting
F2 Advanced Financial Reporting
Integrated Case Study

Strategic LevelRead more

E3 Strategic Management
P3 Risk Management
F3 Financial Strategy
Integrated Case Study

CIMA registration requirements

  • This qualification is open to everyone 18 and older with proficiency in mathematics and English language. Your entry route, however, will differ according to the qualifications you already have.
  • If you have no formal education in business or finance, you should start by studying the Certificate in Business Accounting. This provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of management accounting, and may serve you either as a certificate on its own or as a first step for reaching your qualification.
  • If you hold a relevant undergraduate, postgraduate or professional qualification, you may be eligible for exemptions from some papers. Please view exemptions on the CIMA official website in this case.
  • It is your responsibility to prove to CIMA that their entry/ exemption requirements are met, and to register for the examinations directly.

InterActive entry requirements

  • To apply to study for your CIMA qualification with InterActive you need to purchase your chosen CIMA study package.
CIMA: The Essential packageRead More

This package allows you to review the full syllabus, and includes HD quality video tuition lectures and lecture notes written by tutors from London School of Business and Finance. With this package, you will also benefit from joining an online community of students and mentors, with whom you can share new knowledge and ideas.

CIMA: Tuition packageRead More

With HD quality video lectures with lecture notes written by your lecturers, access to recordings of our Live online sessions, full tutor support, and options for testing yourself via tutor marked mock exams (as well as the chance to check your answers against your tutor’s answers), this tuition package ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of your course. You will also become part of an online community of students and mentors. In addition, you will receive a Pass First Time Guarantee and an option to buy the Ultimate Confidence Booster.

CIMA: Live Tuition packageRead More

Our new CIMA Live Tuition package features a full range of study resources. You will have access to Live tuition sessions with your tutor; 9 two-hour sessions for papers E1, E2 ,E3, F3 and P3 and 12 two-hour sessions for papers F1, F2, P1 and P2. You will also benefit from an introductory Live session ‘How to Study – How the Product Works’, as well as additional HD video sessions and recordings of the Live lectures if you should miss the original broadcast.

Add to this tutor produced lecture notes, self-assessed mock exams, practice questions, and our Pass First Time Guarantee and Ultimate Confidence Booster options, Live Tuition is your best route to success.

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