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Online Certificate&Diploma Programmes

Whether you’re looking for a path to professional development or to completely change your career, our portfolio of online certificate and diploma courses provide you with the most up-to-date competencies and the specialised industry knowledge you need to move your career forward.

The perfect solution for students and professionals alike, these online courses give you the opportunity to advance your current skillset without committing to a full-time programme. You’ll acquire new skills comfortably and affordably, studying at the time and location of your choice.

InterActive’s online certificate and diploma courses are offered year-round. Once you enrol, you can start studying immediately, and you can graduate in as little as 3 months.

Studying online with InterActive gives you access to:

  • HD quality video lectures with prepared lecture notes
  • Case studies to add a real-life dimension to your studies
  • Revision kits to help you retain what you’ve learned*
  • Online tests to identify where you need to improve*
  • Ongoing tutor feedback throughout your course
  • Networking with a global community of students

Select from:

Finance, Accounting & Reporting

Advance your knowledge and gain invaluable skills with an online accounting certificate. You can study financial accounting, corporate reporting, managerial economics and more.

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Gain new competencies with our range of business administration certificates and diplomas. Study business statistics, global business management, sustainable business development, and more.

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Project Management

Learn how to grow your business with our online certificates and diplomas in project management. Acquire the tools and techniques you need to ensure effective project delivery from start to finish.

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Our marketing short courses will teach you how to execute a business plan from start to finish, increase competitive value and establish market dominance.

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Operations & Organisational Management

No business can succeed without effective operations management. Learn how to maximise output while minimising input and meet high performance objectives for your business.

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Law & Ethics

Corporate governance and social responsibility have never been more significant in the global business landscape. Our short courses enable you to apply legal concepts to business practice.

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Contemporary Issues in Oil, Gas, and Energy

Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the commercial relationships, tax systems, law, and policy on energy compliance, and expand your understanding of strategic responses to global issues.

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Arts Portal


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*For appropriate courses only

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