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Scholarship Opportunities

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Key Details

Next intakes:
February, March & April 2016
Minimum 12 months
Maximum 3 years
Fees from £6,000

For information about our instalment plans or applying for a partial bursary please fill in the enquiry form below.

InterActive Scholarship Programme

To ensure that more of the best and brightest students from around the world can benefit from a first-class online education, InterActive offers a range of full and partial scholarships for all of our postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

The scholarship opportunities currently available are as follows:

Full Scholarships

Future Leader Master’s Scholarships* – this scholarship scheme provides a total of four fully-funded opportunities for ambitious individuals who are committed to developing a community-minded business or enterprise to join the following 2016 intakes:

  • Global MBA programme – one scholarship available
  • MA in Finance or MA in Strategic Marketing – two scholarships available

To discover how a full scholarship can benefit you, click here to find out more about the progress made by our 2015 Future Leader’s Scholarship winner.

Partial Scholarships

InterActive is offering six partial scholarships in 2016. A partial scholarship can be awarded up to the value of £2,000, and will be presented to students in the following categories:

  • InterActive Women in Business Scholarship – In recognition of the vital role that women have to play in global business, this scholarship is sponsored by Sue Clark, one of our Academic Programme Leaders, and will be awarded to women aspiring to make their mark on the business world.
  • Work/Life Balance Scholarship – One of the primary benefits of studying online with InterActive is the ability to schedule your learning to help maintain a healthy work/life balance. Sponsored by Vitaly Klopot, COO, this scholarship will help support individuals who achieve great things outside of their professional and academic lives, such as supporting a family, sporting accomplishments, or charity work.
  • Emerging Markets Scholarship - Sponsored by Jeremy Bradley, Director of Academic and Student Affairs, this scholarship is awarded to ambitious students from less economically developed areas of the world to help them take advantage of the opportunities that emerging markets present.
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs Scholarship – The global economy relies upon enterprising individuals creating wealth through innovative new products and services. Sponsored by the InterActive Marketing Team, this scholarship is available to dedicated entrepreneurs seeking to launch their own start-up company.
  • Academic Director’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence - Sponsored by the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, this scholarship recognises students with an exemplary record of academic achievement, and helps them take the next step towards fulfilling their academic and professional potential.
  • Alumni Scholarship for Returning Students – This scholarship celebrates the enduring community of InterActive students and alumni, and the lasting networking opportunities that this provides. Sponsored by The Alumni Network, this scholarship helps to welcome returning members of the InterActive community who wish to further enrich their prospects through education.

How can I apply for a full or partial scholarship?

InterActive’s scholarships are only available to students applying for one of our online undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.

Please email your completed application form to your programme consultant or to In your email, please ensure that you also include:

  • A copy of your most current CV.
  • Any relevant supporting documents to strengthen your application, such as employment references, tutor references, and transcripts. All supporting documentation must be sent as part of your full application; documents sent separately at a later stage will not be considered.

Scholarship Committee

All scholarships and the amount awarded is solely at the discretion of InterActive’s Scholarship Committee. Please note that scholarships are awarded according to various criteria, including academic merit and socio-economic status.

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