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InterActive's award-winning online platform – offering you a flexible learning experience without compromising on quality.

As well as being able to study the course syllabus online, you will also have access to innovative technology, global networking opportunities and expert tutors from each of our worldwide campuses – without ever having to leave your home or office. Study wherever, whenever and however you want with InterActive.

Comprehensive online learning experience

  • Live tuition and revision sessions streamed directly to your PC
  • Live and recorded HD-quality video lectures with lecture notes
  • Online tutor support
  • Comprehensive study materials available in hard or electronic format
  • Self-assessment options including mock exams, self-assessed papers, quizzes and progress tests
  • Global discussion forums with fellow students and mentors

One of InterActive’s key features is its flexibility. You can access HD recorded video lectures anytime, day or night. This means the entire syllabus is just a click away whenever you need it. You can also download lecture notes and take part in interactive sessions, classes and seminars; all streamed live directly to you, no matter your global location.

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