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Become a lawyer and enjoy genuine career diversity

Whether it’s the thrill of courtroom litigation, witnessing the development of the very latest technology, or resolving political and personal human conflicts, a qualification in law will prepare you for a vast range of exhilarating career possibilities. With around 85-90% of law graduates finding gainful employment or going on to further study once they achieve their qualification, legal degrees such as the i-LLB or LLM still demonstrate their worth to every business, and at every level.

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Why study law?

It’s well known that careers in law are rewarded better than most. As recently as 2016, an end-of-year Guardian report listed ‘In-house Lawyer’ as the sixth highest paying position of all jobs in the UK, with an average pay before tax of £80,210. However, beyond the obvious pay incentives, studying law and criminology broadens expertise in research, critical analysis, presentation, and writing abilities. It’s because of this graduates in these subjects are highly sought-after by employers in a multitude of industries.

of law graduates find employment right after they achieve their qualification.

Growth, security, and the evolution of law

While it’s true the legal industry has experienced a slight decline in growth over the last 2 years, especially in the US, the demand for modern legal services has skyrocketed in line with the latest innovations in technology and business. The business of law is evolving, with grand new opportunities emerging in cyber security (currently tripling market growth rate), international security, healthcare, complex litigation, and intellectual property. Law has always provided a solid career path for the very best legal and business professionals in the world, and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

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