Working in cooperation with online learning innovators Arden University, the faculty of Computing and IT provides access to a range of comprehensive degree programmes, which are continually updated to reflect current technological advancements and trends.

In a world increasingly reliant on digital infrastructures, it’s no surprise that qualified professionals in computing and IT are sought after worldwide. The skills taught on the Computing and IT programmes are focused on developing your career-ready skills, and inspire you to drive growth, innovation, and positive change in the industry - ensuring exciting employment opportunities across the globe.

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Emma, Arden University
Just three months into my course and I’m already getting the chance to make important business planning decisions.
- Emma, Arden University
Detloff Rump, LLB, Arden University
The course material was well structured and straightforward, making it easy to understand. Giving yourself a good challenge, proving your capabilities and widen your horizons
- Detloff Rump, LLB, Arden University
Miriam Aziz, LLB, Arden University
I chose Arden University because I thought it was well structured and, unlike other universities, they were more concerned with the student’s progress and understanding of the law rather than receiving money from the students.
- Miriam Aziz, LLB, Arden University
Val Bishop, BA (Hons) Business (CMI), Arden
I feel that I want to tell the world that this is what I’m doing and to say to people to try it yourself. If I can back to learning at 75 with Arden, anyone can whatever their age. I would have to say you owe it to yourself.
- Val Bishop, BA (Hons) Business (CMI), Arden