Start Dates
January, April, July, October
Master of Business Administration (CMI) 
18 - 60 months
Awarded by:
This course gives you an invaluable opportunity to develop vital leadership functions that can be applied across a wide range of management disciplines.
Arden University’s MBA programme is designed for practicing managers looking to step up to a more senior role. The syllabus focuses on a range of management disciplines, analysed through practical case studies taken from leading organisations and business minds. Alongside your master's, you’ll gain a CMI Level 6 qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership, an industry-recognised route towards Chartered Manager status.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MBA will possess career-ready skills in:

  • Building comprehensive leadership skills for delivering strategy
  • Developing a broad perspective in a range of management disciplines
  • Holistic management skills applicable across diverse business functions
  • Considering your own role as manager and how you lead people
  • Leading transitions and change implementation
  • With Arden University, you’ll have access to an engaging and easy to navigate online learning portal called ilearn. Available on desktop or mobile devices, ilearn supports and encourages you to take control of your studies. Providing everything you need to complete your programme in one accessible place, ilearn features:

    • A virtual classroom, library, diary, and lecture theatre rolled into one
    • All of your modules, study materials, career support, and schedules
    • Access to an online library containing thousands of e-journals and e-books
    • Downloadable module materials so you can access the course when offline
    • Engaging forums where you can interact, debate, and discuss ideas with your tutors and fellow students
    • UK honours degree at a minimum of second class (2:2) or equivalent, plus 2 years suitable work experience
    • For students whose prior learning was not taught in English, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent is required

    If you don’t have academic qualifications, Arden University are happy to consider, and actively encourage applications if you have substantial management experience (typically 5 years).

  • The MBA programme at Arden University educates you on a range of management disciplines, including ethical leadership, implementing strategy, leading transitions, and managing within a competitive environment. The essential significance of this master’s is in how these management disciplines advance and are applied across every module of study. In understanding how these key functions relate to each aspect of the programme, you will be capable of utilising your theoretical expertise in strategic business leadership throughout the organisations you manage.

    The course consists of seven core modules, culminating in the research project. This is an opportunity to undertake research into an area of your choice within the field. With support from your tutor, the research project helps develop your critical abilities and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of your chosen area of specialisation.

    Follow this link to explore the course syllabus in more depth.

  • If you'd like to apply, please click on the link below. Your application should take no longer than five minutes to complete. Please try and provide as much detail as possible so we can properly advise you on the next steps. Once you've submitted your application, one of our dedicated course advisors will contact you within 48 hours.

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Emma about MBA in Arden University
Just three months into my course and I’m already getting the chance to make important business planning decisions.
— Emma, MBA, Arden University
Rupinder Singh aboout MBA in Arden University
I started to benefit from my MBA even before I had completed the degree. I sensed increased respect and value at work from my peers and superiors, while the increase in salary followed very soon as I had anticipated.
— Rupinder Singh, MBA, Arden University

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